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While comparatively small — the entire country is only the size of Florida and Georgia combined — Italy is a robust European nation to which tourists flock. The landscapes you’ll encounter as you explore this peninsula vary substantially depending upon the cities you visit. Because of its size, you can see rolling hills of grapes, hop on a bus, and an hour later approach a burgeoning metropolis. If you are planning a destination wedding and seeking an out-of-the-ordinary site, consider Italy. Wedding photographers and brides love this beautiful area of Europe.

Where to get married in Italy

Dreamtime Images photographs destination weddings throughout the country. Here are our top choices for the coolest places to tie the knot.

  • Amalfi Coast — Beautiful string of beaches in Southern Italy. UNESCO World Heritage Site and a fantastic place for nature lovers who also want a bit of culture.
  • Capri — A super pretty island with small villages perched high on cliff tops overlooking the ocean. A top choice for couples who seek a wedding locale that's got the scenery of the Greek Isles but the food and scenery of Italy.
  • Florence — A metropolitan Italian city rich in culture and history, but also close to the Italian wine country of Tuscany.
  • Lake Como — An incredible lake with mountain views and multiple funky, historic and gorgeous small villages, all dating back to the Roman times or before.
  • Milan — Bustling Italian metropolis in the north of Italy, featuring fashion, shopping and nightlife. Great for modern, urban couples who want to say their vows in "new" Italy.
  • Naples — A big, ancient city with great night life and an interesting historic district. Recommended to couples who love urban landscapes and great pizza.
  • Sicily — A beautiful island in the Mediterranean, Sicily is the best choice for brides seeking an Italian wedding that's a little off the beaten path, and that features great beaches, incredible vistas, crazy good food, and old-world architecture.
  • Tuscany — Tuscany is famous for its wines, vineyards, and lush rolling green hills. Lots of interesting museums and a rich history and culture. Great for couples who want to rent an old villa and kick it with their closest friends and family.

Travel Advice for Italy

Flying into Italy is super easy, with a bunch of huge airports. For internal flights to destinations in Northern Italy, try to fly into Milan and hop an internal flight to your final destination. Otherwise, target Rome.

Dreamtime Verdict

The ideal bride for this place is someone who appreciates lush natural beauty and historic, old world charm. And really good wine and pizza! Italy is home to many historically significant sites and cities that appear to be steeped from the past, and the photography opportunities here are amazing.

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