Wedding Photography in Sicily

Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean and is home to lots of great things to see and do, making it an awesome place for a marriage. Photographically, it’s just as beautiful as many of the other regions, like Tuscany or Milan, but it’s significantly less expensive.

From hiking around Mount Etna, which rests on the island, to swimming in the clear coastal waters that surround it, you will not run out of natural beauties to enjoy here. There are also an array of historically significant monuments to visit, including several Roman amphitheaters, Greek temples and Norman castles, all remnants from a world vastly different from the modern one.

The sizable island is home to many amazing wedding venues. If you want a luxurious location, consider the Mazara del Vallo, a harbor founded by the Phoenicians that is now home to several stunning wedding venues. For a steeped-in-history option try Noto, the baroque capital of Sicily which features light-stone buildings, stunning sculptures and ornate churches. The island also offers many sea-side wedding sites, including the exceptionally popular Taormina, which features medieval streets and panoramic views of bluer-than-can-be waters.

Though it’s an island, it isn’t as difficult to get to as you may imagine. The Island actually houses two airports, Palermo and Catania, both of which receive flights daily from mainland Italy and other countries in Europe. You can also reach Sicily by boat by taking one of the ferries that depart from the mainland. Once on the island, you can easily get around by train, taking in scenic views as you ride the rails, or via an extensive bus system.

Since the swimming, snorkeling and diving here is top notch, you might want to bring along an underwater camera to capture cool moments with your friends — or ask your wedding photographer to do it.

Sicily wedding venues

Sicily is an exceptionally large island — roughly the size of Massachusetts in fact. Lots of people take this for granted, so make sure you understand exactly how far your venue is from the cities or airpots. Here are a few favorite venues:

  • Hotel Villa Ducale – Winner of the Travel Choice award, guests note that this hotel is petite and cozy while still offering unparalleled customer service and luxurious beach amenities.
  • Hotel Villa Carlotta – From the moment you arrive at this hotel, you will likely find yourself impressed with its opulence. Snuggled against the beach, visitors to this hotel can spend hours relaxing on the shore.
  • Hotel Borgo Pantano – This contemporary hotel offers guests a luxurious outdoor pool and fine cuisine, which they can enjoy in outdoor eating areas.
  • Panoramic Hotel – This hotel is particularly prized for its panoramic beach views, as the name may suggest. Guests most commonly noted great views from the rooms as the reason for selecting this hotel, also frequently noting the ease of travel to other nearby attractions.

Dreamtime Verdict – Sicily

If you have always dreamed of a wedding on an island, but don’t want one with the traditional tropical feel, Sicily is the perfect place for you. As a photographer, I love the fact that it’s next to the sea — the salty spray diffuses the evening light, and things have a much softer look here than sites more inland. Offering the same beautiful, water-filled island views, this option offers the added appeal of historically significant sites and vintage Italian charm that will undoubtedly set your event apart from the rest.


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