SHPIRA + SUMER | Multai, India

Shipra and Sumer found me the summer before their wedding while searching for an engagement photographer in Colorado. They were drawn to a number of starry night photos of couples under the Milky Way. I never would have guessed, when I shot their session, that six months later I’d be a tiny rural village in central India covering their six day wedding. It was hands down the most unique and incredible photography experience of my life. I so struck by the rich colors and tradition, the incredible contrast, the beauty, the warm January light.

Despite living in the United States, Shipra and Sumer decided to hold a very traditional Indian wedding in the town where Sumer grew up, with various ceremonies spread over nearly a week and culminating in a wedding night with about 1,400 people.

It would be nearly impossible to put together a digestible coherent gallery on this site given the complexity and length of the event, so here are my favorite images of the week, including the haldi ceremony (where turmeric, known for its healing properties, is applied to the bride); the mehendi ceremony (where artists apply a temporary henna tattoo to the bride), the Sangeet (a huge dance celebration); the baraat (where the groom rides through the village on a horse toward the bride); a wedding ceremony that took place from 3am to 6am; and a bride and groom portrait session.




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