MIA + JEREMY | Beaver Creek, CO

Mia and Jeremy had the most unreal wedding reception of my career. Shooting it felt like covering a huge concert, and there was so much to capture I basically never stopped moving. The dancing started at six and raged non-stop until three in the morning, and the Ritz Carlton’s vodka supply was decimated. As I stumbled back to my hotel room afterward, I was accosted by an elevator full of dripping wet, fully clothed guests who had all just been swimming. This was unsurprising yet quite funny.

I remain struck by this couple and their friends. More than 400 people came from around the world to celebrate, and the relationships they’d forged with their guests truly ran deep. There was so much love and so much fun. If I ever win a lottery, I joke that I’d like to throw an all-star party and basically invite all the craziest wedding guests to dance the night away. In a way, though, I guess I’ve already been at that party.

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