Family Photography in Estes Park, CO

Based a mile from Rocky Mountain National Park since 2006

I have been photographing family portraits in Estes Park, CO since I moved here in 2006, and I know the local secrets extremely well.

I began my career in newspapers and have been shooting since 2002. My portrait sessions are generally a mix of reportage and posed portraiture and I have shot hundreds of sessions over the years.

I offer family portraits, coverage of family reunions, senior portraits for graduating high schoolers, and corporate headshots. Scroll down for more information about family portraits, family reunions, headshots and a short section of frequently asked questions.

Family portrait session in the fall in Endo Valley, RMNP, Estes Park, CO

Rocky Mountain National Park sports some incredible fall colors. This family portrait was taken in Endo Valley.

Kid photos in Estes Park, CO

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Family Portraits

For family portrait photography in Estes Park, I tend to basically take people on a hike and shoot them in some of the incredible landscapes surrounding this beautiful town. I’ve got a lot of “secret spots” picked out that I shoot at a lot in Rocky Mountain National Park and the surrounding areas.

Some of my images will be of you and your family simply interacting, reportage style, and others will be camera aware images with everyone looking at me. The percentages will depend on what you’re looking for, and we can talk about that beforehand.

I personally like photographing real moments in my family portraits, as I think those images are more authentic and they tend to make me smile. I try to keep the camera aware images creative, casual and fun, particularly with small family groups.

Family photography at Lily Lake near Estes Park, CO

Pricing for family portraits in Estes Park is $600, which includes 1 hour of photography, a 3-month online gallery that you can use to make prints or share images with friends via Facebook, a digital download of all the high resolution images, and a print release so you can make your own prints should you wish to do so.

You can typically expect 80 to 120 images, depending on the size of the family.

I highly recommend printing the photos, and offer a number of print packages. The most popular is a $500 signature canvas package that includes either one large 24×36 print, or a triptych of three 8×12 prints. These are printed on canvas, lacquered with a UV-resistant coating, and stretched over a 1.5″ thick canvas frame.

They arrive ready to hang and do not need a frame, thereby reducing the total cost.

Contact me in advance and let me know how many people you expect, which will help me plan what kind of session to be ready for.

Family portrait near lake with reflection of mountain in Estes Park, CO

There are many incredibly beautiful lakes near Estes Park, all of which offer amazing reflections of Rocky Mountain National Park

Family in leaves in Estes Park

Smaller families give me a great opportunity to photograph serene and intimate moments, like this shot of a young couple and their 1 year old boy.

Family in Rocky Mountain National Park

Family Reunion Photos in Estes Park

Estes Park is an incredibly popular place for family reunions, and every summer, hundreds of families have huge gatherings here. What better way to remember these special events than to have great photographs of them?

My typical coverage for family reunions is 60 minutes of photography time, which includes a mix of documentary work and traditional group portraiture. It’s not uncommon for me to shoot it all mixed together, so I can create candid photos of people laughing and hanging out in between the larger group shots.

With larger family gatherings, I often come to your hotel, whether it’s the YMCA of the Rockies, Dripping Springs, The Stanley Hotel, the Taharaa Mountain Lodge, or one of the many other awesome inns, hotels or B&B’s in Estes Park.

I really like shooting family reunions at the YMCA of the Rockies because there is a lot of space on the property, there are incredible views, and it’s pretty easy to escape the crowds and have a large area to work in.

Family Reunion in RMNP

This fun family came to Estes Park for a reunion and we went to Rocky Mountain National Park and created their elk themed holiday card.

Family reunion in Estes Park, CO

One cool thing about family reunions is shooting large family groups, and then following up with lots of smaller family groups as well.

Pricing for family reunions is the same as for family portraits: $600 for an hour of photography time.

I find that often times, the session fee is split evenly by each family that comes to the family reunion — so if it’s 6 family units, each contributes $100.

The family reunion package includes the photography time, the online image gallery with print capability, and all the high resolution files that you can download.

If you are interested in print packages, I have a popular family reunion print package that includes custom retouched 11×16 heirloom canvas prints of each individual family, as well as a 20×30 canvas of everyone at the reunion. Pricing is $175 for each 11×16 canvas, plus $350 for the 20×30 canvas.

Often, the grandparents in the family receive the large print as a gift.

Unique family portrait in Estes Park under the Milky Way

Headshots and Business Portraits in Estes Park

If you are looking for headshots and business portraits in Estes Park, please visit my executive portrait web site.

I primarily shoot in Denver but since I’m based here in Estes Park, I’m happy to schedule a short headshot session for your company.

I will likely shoot a variety of looks, and will put my top 5 or so images on an online gallery. You will be able to download your favorite images off that gallery for use in your own promotional material, web site, business cards, etc.

My headshots and business portraits are great for Estes Park realtors, doctors, lawyers, executive, and other small business owners in the area.

Pricing for a standard headshot on a solid color background is $150/each for the first 5 portraits, $125/each for the next five, and $100/each for all additional ones.

When I shoot in Estes Park, I have a 2 headshot minimum to shoot at your business, though you can always come solo to my home studio.

Candid family shot in Colorado

During family portrait sessions, I always try to shoot candid photos like this shot of a mother and her son.

Portrait of father and sons in Estes Park, CO

I love this shot of a father with his two boys. Obviously big brother really loves his little bro!

Family portrait in aspen grove in RMNP, Estes Park

Additional Questions

WHAT SHOULD YOU WEAR? In general, solid colors are best, particularly since there’s a lot of variety and texture in the natural lands of Estes Park. If you wear stripes or plaids, you don’t stand out against the pine trees and aspen groves as well as you could if you wore solid shirts and pants.

I also like contrasting colors, so I recommend reds to contrast against the green pine trees, and blues to contrast against the orange hues in the rocks here. Purples also work well. If I’m doing a portrait session involving hiking, be sure to wear shoes you don’t mind getting dirty. They don’t need to be super sturdy, since we likely won’t be going far off trail, but they might get a little dusty.

If your family members want an outfit change during the family portrait session, that’s totally fine too. To maximize shooting time and minimize fuss, I suggest picking an outfit where you can simply add or remove a layer on top to make it look like a different outfit.

WHEN CAN YOU SEE THE PHOTOS? Digital darkroom time is approximately two weeks, though it can vary depending on the season. Summer requires a slightly longer processing time, and winter months can be a little quicker. We can talk exact details when you get in touch. All my packages come with online image hosting and digital proofing. This means you can make prints and share the images with family and friends on Facebook and other social networks.

WHERE CAN I LEARN MORE? If you want to know more about the beautiful scenery Estes Park has to offer, be sure to visit my pages on Estes Park weddings, Rocky Mountain National Park weddings, and engagement sessions in Rocky Mountain National Park.

Also, be sure to visit these resource pages from around the Web about Estes Park: the weather, Rocky Mountain National Park, Wikipedia, my Pinterest page about Estes Park weddings, and TripAdvisor’s Estes Park entry.

Fun portrait of a family in Estes Park

Portrait Gallery

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