Where We Photograph Destination Weddings

  • Caribbean — The Caribbean, with its endless beaches, deserted islands, and rum and punch drinks is a great place for a wedding!
  • Central America — Central America is an exotic region known for its unspoiled beaches, endless tracts of virgin tropical rain forests, and some of the prettiest landscapes in the world.
  • Greece — Wedding photography in Greece -- with the most beautiful islands and cliff-side villages in the Mediterranean, including Mykonos, Poros, Athens, Crete, Milos, Santorini, and the rest of the Greek Isles.
  • Italy — Ahhh, Italy. Where the wine is cheaper than water, the pizzas and pastries are the best in the world, and the romance is alive in the air. One of the best countries for a destination wedding.
  • Mexico — A list of all the cool places Dreamtime Images photographs destination weddings in Mexico

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