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Thanks for stopping by! I’m a wedding photographer serving Beaver Creek and have been shooting in the area full time since 2006. I’ve shot countless weddings in and around town and know the area super well, so I’m happy to provide suggestions if you are planning a mountain wedding in this beautiful Colorado town. I am a founding member of the area Wedding Association, which is a collective of the best wedding vendors serving the region surrounding Beaver Creek.

Beaver Creek is an absolutely wonderful place to get married. It’s an unincorporated community in the middle of the Colorado mountains, and the home of the ’76 Winter Olympics. You can read more at Wikipedia here.

There are fantastic wedding venues but not as much hustle and bustle as there is in other nearby areas. If you’re looking for a rustic yet boutique mountain wedding but also need a little more peace and quiet, this is your place. Weddings in Beaver Creek are characterized by secluded venues, wild nature, and the best food and drink Colorado has to offer.

For people planning destination weddings in Colorado, Beaver Creek is a fantastic choice. You get the best of everything, including easy access to Denver International Airport. It’s a relatively short drive, and there are many vans and shuttles that can transport you or your guests to the village. Once there, you don’t need a car to get around. Everything you will need is all in one beautiful location — hotels, food, golf, bike or ski rentals depending on the season, and fun nightlife. Get a better idea of the town via TripAdvisor.

Most weddings I’ve photographed in the Colorado mountains are weekend affairs for the bride, groom, and many of the out-of-town guests, and most of my couples pick a place that offers lots of fun stuff to do with everyone. Beaver Creek has a great golf course, fun mountain biking, and epic skiing.

Nearby wedding locations can be similar, and larger, but when you go “out” there, you feel like you’re going out to mingle not only with your own party, but with other parties as well. In Beaver Creek, you will probably have the corner of the bar or restaurant to yourselves.

Beaver Creek Wedding Venue Reviews

  • Beaver Creek Wedding Deck — Home to some of the most unreal views in all of Colorado, the relatively new Beaver Creek Wedding Deck is at 10,000 above sea level and hosts elegant, outdoor ceremonies.
  • Saddleridge — A unique, rustic wedding venue on the slopes of Beaver Creek Mountain with a museum quality collection of Western antiques.
Wedding in Saddleridge

Saddleridge is an incredible rustic venue on the side of the mountain in Beaver Creek.

See what your Beaver Creek wedding photos will look like!

Wedding in field near Beano's Cabin during winter

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Places for Wedding Pictures in Beaver Creek, CO

What’s nice about Beaver Creek is you don’t really need to go anywhere for cool couples portraits. The venues there are nestled up in the side of the mountain, so there’s no need to escape in a car to go anywhere — we just have to walk outside and start shooting. From a practical perspective, this means brides and grooms will spend less time in the car and more time socializing with their guests, which is a huge deal on a wedding day.

Weather is generally perfect in Beaver Creek year round! Check the stats at Weather Underground.

Summer Wedding at the Beaver Creek Wedding Deck

The Beaver Creek Wedding Deck is accessible via gondola and has amazing views tot he Gore Range

Grand Ballroom at Ritz Carlton Bachelor Gulch

The grand ballroom at the Ritz Carlton Bachelor Gulch is one of the most beautiful in the state of Colorado.

Where to get married in Beaver Creek

  • Ritz Carleton Bachelor Gulch: If you’re wondering where to get married in Beaver Creek, you’ve luckily got a ton of some of the best places to get married in Colorado right at your doorstep. The Ritz Carleton at Bachelor Gulch is a great place to start your search, as it’s up on the base of the mountain, with fantastic access to snow in the winter and mountains in the summer. It’s secluded and private, and has a great patio on the back for post-wedding s’more roasts. I’ve photographed weddings with as many as 450 guests here. The ballrooms here are ginormous and decorate beautifully.
  • Beano’s Cabin: Beano’s is one of my favorite venues in Colorado, and for good reason. It’s located high up on the side of Beaver Creek Mountain and there are no other buildings in site. The cabin has great views into the Larkspur Bowl, and it’s located in the middle of a gorgeous meadow surrounded by aspen trees. Beano’s can handle weddings with up to 150 guests, and it also makes for a great rehearsal dinner venue. If you choose to get married there, you’ll probably have your ceremony on the back lawn. I think every wedding I’ve shot here has been crashed by some form of wildlife: deer, bear, elk, moose.
  • Beaver Creek Wedding Deck: When the Beaver Creek wedding deck opened, I was super excited, as it’s got some of the best views in the state for mountain weddings. It’s right up there with the other Colorado wedding decks, but it looks straight onto the Gore Range. It’s on a hillside near Spruce Saddle. About 200 people can sit on this gorgeous mountaintop venue.
  • Allie’s Cabin: Allie’s is great if you’re looking for something higher up on the mountain. It’s smaller than Beano’s and Zach’s, as it can handle about 75 guests tops if there’s a dance floor. This makes it a cozy cabin for smaller weddings, particularly considering the small attached patio where you can have a beautiful ceremony. The building is surrounded by an aspen grove and looks stunning in the autumn.
  • Spruce Saddle: Spruce Saddle is the building connected to the Beaver Creek Wedding Deck. The sunsets from Spruce Saddle are outrageous, particularly after an afternoon thunderstorm when there are still big puffy clouds in the sky.
  • Zach’s Cabin: One of my favorite weddings I’ve shot in the winter occurred at Zach’s Cabin. The couple got married at the Ritz and everyone took snow cats up the hill to get to Zach’s. The cabin is pretty big, multi-storied, and feels super cozy. I really like this venue.
  • Beaver Creek Park Hyatt: I love the Park Hyatt. It’s located in probably the most perfect place in all of the Colorado Mountains: literally just steps away from the gondola that can whisk brides and grooms up to the Beaver Creek Wedding Deck. The staff is wonderful, the amenities can’t be beat, and the location is the best.
A wedding couple on the chair lift at Beaver Creek Mountain

Best Wedding Vendors in Beaver Creek

I have had the absolute pleasure of working with many talented wedding vendors in Beaver Creek. Here are some colleagues I highly recommend:

  • I Do Wedding Services: I have worked with Jen for almost a decade. She is an incredible planner who always remains calm and keeps things in control.
  • Frosted Pink Weddings: Kelly and her team do a fantastic job, and have been around for a long time.
  • Artisan Events: Carolyn Moorman has a wealth of experience, a knack for great design, and has planned some of my favorite weddings.
  • Bella Design and Planning: Emily is another one of my top planners in the area. We have worked together a lot.
  • Kacee Picot: Kacee is a wonderful stylist, and she and I have worked together for years. She’s one of my trusted vendors.
  • Pink Monkey Solutions: Go with the monkey! This awesome design and rental company has grown huge in Colorado since their start in the mid-2000’s. The Pink Monkey makes my job as a photographer super easy.
  • Petals and Pours: One of the best florists in the mountains! Also does bar tending services!
Summer Beano's Cabin wedding ceremony

Summer weddings at Beano’s Cabin are often held in a pretty field adjacent to the mountainside venue

October wedding in Beaver Creek

The fall colors in Beaver Creek are crazy! October is the best time to get married here.

A wedding party near the tracks near REI

Beaver Creek Wedding Photo Slideshows

First, visit my Beaver Creek Pinterest Board, and then watch these regional slideshows. You can also visit the mountain’s YouTube channel for more inspiration.

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