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Nathan Welton in a treeDreamtime is run by me, magazine and newspaper photojournalist Nathan Welton. I’ve shot hundreds and hundreds of weddings, and I enjoy being a wedding photographer more with each new season. I wouldn’t trade my job for anything. It’s a huge honor and privilege to photograph passionate celebrations between families and friends. My clients let me into their personal space and trust me to document with honesty and grace their deepest emotions: their love, their tears, their laughs, and their fears. For this I am grateful beyond words.

Wedding photography became my life’s work when I quit the newspaper industry in 2006. I’d shot marriages on the side before then, but it wasn’t until I devoted myself full time to the craft that I felt I took a huge leap forward. It’s been a wild ride in the years since. My images have appeared in Brides Magazine, The Knot, StyleMePretty and many other publications, and have won more than 40 awards from the Wedding Photojournalist Association, the International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers, and Fearless Photographers. I actually got to judge one of the Fearless competitions in 2014, which was incredibly humbling.

I’ve shot weddings throughout the States, the Caribbean, Central America, Asia and Europe. In 2008, I was approached by Sigma Photo, one of the world’s largest camera manufacturers, to photograph an advertising campaign for its lenses. I became an Our World photographer for the company, and my photographs ran across the globe until 2012. Nathan Welton Headshot

When I’m not shooting weddings, I’m usually playing in the mountains with a camera in hand. A desire to document my weekend adventures is what originally sparked my interest in photography, and that led to magazine and newspaper opportunities shooting world-class rock climbers, Tour de France bike racers and Olympic-caliber equestrian riders.

While weddings are 95 percent of my work, they are not all of my work — and honestly, I think that’s a good thing. Shooting adventure sports helps my event photography tremendously. In both disciplines, conditions are less than optimal and things happen quickly, so I have to be many steps ahead. Photographing a climber while hanging 200 feet off the ground on a rope with fiddly lighting gear and a tiring athlete, all the while trying to find the perfect moment, presents its own set of challenges. It also helps keep me inspired and allows me to see the world completely differently, which plays into how I document events — and it causes me to climb trees from time to time.

Anyway, if you like outdoorsy stuff, check out my adventure photography at It has appeared in international advertising campaigns and magazines, including Backpacker, Natural History, Scuba Diving, Practical Horseman and many others. Britain’s largest photography magazine, Photography Monthly, featured me in a special “Ultimate Technique” issue, and I have regularly shot yoga and climbing for prAna since 2015.

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