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I love doing wedding photography in Boulder, Colorado. It’s a top choice for couples who want to get married in an urban area that’s close to the Rockies. You’ll find all the amenities of a big city as well as gorgeous vistas of the Colorado Front Range. It’s easy to get to, and, if you’re planning a winter wedding, you don’t have to worry about guests getting stuck in snow on the many high passes further west. Here’s Boulder weather info via Weather Underground.

Boulder is only 40 minutes from Denver International Airport, so bringing guests in from out of state is an easy affair. There are great venues, great food, great views and awesome vendors. Geographically speaking, Boulder has it all, though most outdoor weddings here tend to take advantage of the grassy meadows in Chataqua Park and the towering sandstone monoliths of the Flatirons behind them.

Most weddings in Colorado require guests to travel from out of state, so it’s smart to pick a place with lots of great things to do. As a big university town, Boulder features countless hiking trails, amazing rock climbing locations, disc golf locations, incredible mountain and road cycling, and easy access to the high peaks for more adventures.

The city is known as one of the healthiest and most active in the country, also. Last, it plays home to many of the United States’ best craft breweries, and renting a cruiser bike for a brewery tour is a super fun way to spend an afternoon. See more here about Boulder on Wikipedia.

Boulder Wedding Venue Reviews

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Boulder Theater Wedding

The Historic Boulder Theater is a great backdrop for wedding photos at night.

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Wedding couple at sunset in colorful field in Boulder, Colorado

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Ideas for Wedding Photos in Boulder

There are lots of fun places for pictures in Boulder, but one thing to consider is a lot — and I mean, a lot — of the cool places to shoot are on land managed by Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks, and require the photographer to have a permit. It’s not a big deal, and it’s not super expensive, but your session will end if you get caught working with a photog without a permit.

I think some of the most fun areas to shoot are in Chataqua, Flagstaff Mountain, all over the Flatirons, Buttonrock Reservoir, and at various areas between Boulder and Lyons. That said, aside from Chataqua Park, you can head up to NCAR and pick up the trail system behind there to go on a grand tour of the foothills. I’ve shot some beautiful engagement sessions here.

TripAdvisor has some great resources about the town.

Outdoor wedding in Boulder, CO

The Boulder foothills are green in the summer and are a great place for outdoor weddings.

Wedding in Hotel Boulderado

The historic Boulerado hotel is one of Boulder’s coolest wedding venues

Best Wedding Venues in Boulder

Here are a few of my favorite places for people to get married in Boulder, from gorgeous outdoor landscapes to historic hotels. And be sure to check out the Boulder CVB’s Pinterest pages for lots of visual inspiration, and the town’s YouTube channel.

  • Chataqua Park: Chataqua is about as Boulder as it gets. It is absolutely iconic and is, my humble opinion, the best place to get married in Boulder. The epic views straight up to the Flatirons can’t be beat, particularly on warm summer evenings.  The light at the park is super pretty, and you can venture into the meadows for really nice family shots or photos of you two and your bridal party. Follow up your ceremony with a reception at one of the awesome venues below. Please note that you will have to obtain a permit if you want to tie the knot here, but it’s not too expensive and it’s an easy process to go through. Make sure your photographer also has a permit to shoot there. The wedding permit is separate from the commercial photography permit.
  • Boulderado: Located in the heart of downtown, the Boulderado is a Boulder landmark. The Boulderado has a crazy ceiling that is super fun to shoot up at. I also really dig the location — it’s got easy access to the Boulder Theater, which is a great place to shoot in front of. You never know what’s going to be up on the marquee there.
  • St. Julien Hotel: Another one of Boulder’s gems, located just off the Pearl Street Mall near the base of Flagstaff Mountain. Super nice hotel with a great staff, and one of the top places in Boulder for a reception.
  • Rembrandt Yard: Rembrandt Yard’s venue is super cool. Funky art gallery on the second floor, just up the street from the historic Boulder Theater. A great place for a super chill wedding reception.
Winter Wedding at Della Terra Mountain Chateau

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