AYLA + EVAN | New Orleans, LA

When I first spoke with Ayla and Evan about their wedding in New Orleans, I got super excited. It was clear that they were designing something very intentional and very personal. They imagined an intimate ceremony under an oak tree in a park, as they wanted to begin their married life somewhere with deep roots, and they’d follow it with a second line parade down Bourbon Street and through the French Quarter. A second line parade is a photogenic NOLA tradition: the entire wedding, with all its guests, would roll through the streets of New Orleans, complete with a police escort, on a busy Saturday night. I knew the photos would be awesome.

I will never forget what happened as we were waiting for the trolley to Bourbon Street after their ceremony: we were standing under a big porch with only two lights shining down from the ceiling. A clarinet player from the wedding walked under one of the lights and started playing a solo, and Ayla and Even began to dance. They slowly migrated beneath the second light, and we all watched in awe. Ayla later said it was the most romantic moment of her life.

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