JENNIE + TRAVIS | Chattanooga, TN

Shooting Jennie and Travis’ wedding was so filled with coincidence that it seemed like we were almost destined to work together. The most striking two: Jennie went to the same graduate school program as I did, though we were a few years apart, and her dad and my parents went to the same graduate school program as well. Once we figured it all out, they reconnected after more than 35 years.

I first photographed Jennie and Travis when they were visiting family in Colorado — another coincidence, and a great chance for an engagement session. The wedding took place the following autumn on a farm outside of Chattanooga. I remember that everyone was so incredibly connected with each other, and I can’t recall seeing a cell phone in anyone’s hand the whole day. I’m not sure if this was by choice or chance, but it allowed everyone be very present.

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