Tusany Wedding Photographers

Tuscany is a large region of Italy that covers 8,900 square miles of Italian landscape. This region, which is home to Florence, Pisa, Siena and a large number of other cities, is most prized for its natural beauties. The home of many wineries, Tuscany offers visitors rolling hills, lush green fields, and famous historical landmarks like the Leaning Tower of Pisa. The region also houses an array of museums, many featuring works of the Italian Renaissance. Also, it is the home of this arts movement and the birthplace of many famous innovators, including Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo.

Foodies and wind buffs should pay particular attention to this area, particularly if they like chiantis — that’s where this grape varietal is grown. The sangiovese reds are also highly regarded here.

It’s pretty easy for guests to get to weddings in Tuscany, so don’t nix this beautiful region if you think getting there will be difficult. There are two international airports in the area, one in Pisa and one in Florence. If your guests can’t find direct flights to those hubs, they can easily fly to Rome and find an internal flight. Overnight train services run from many big cities in Europe, too, including Zurich and Munich.

Pictures from weddings here tend to be filled with lush grassy fields, villas or castles on the horizon, and lots of open space. There’s a special, open, big feel to this region. Here, the old-world architecture and beautiful evening light offer photographers a lot to work with.

Top Tuscany Wedding Venues

This region is home to an eclectic array of wedding venues. If you seek a civil ceremony with a grand feel, try the San Miniato town hall. The petite village of San Miniato, in which this town hall is located, sits between Florence and Pisa. Almost all the villages have an old cathedral, called a duomo, and they’re all proud of the building in their own hometown. These duomos make wedding photography backdrops. If you’re seeking an outdoor ceremony, try one of the many villas located in the region. The sprawling homes resting in the Tuscan hills offer plenty of space for weddings and receptions. If the desire to immerse yourself in old-world Italy, plan your wedding in the medieval village of Certaldo, which houses an array of shops and museums and is home to the Palazzo Pretorio, an ideal location for a civil ceremony.

You might consider agencies like Tuscan Dream if you’re looking for a villa to rent, or check out these full service hotels:

  • Four Seasons Hotel Firenze – This Florence hotel has the vintage charm one would hope for in an Italian hotel. Housed in what use to be a convent, guests enjoy an old-world feel but modern comfort.
  • Castello de Casole – A combination of an estate, olive grove, vineyard and old chapel make this an incredible place to get married. The old, historic buildings are made of carefully stacked stones, creating incredible options for images.
  • Abitalia Tower Plaza – With modern furniture and great outdoor space to enjoy, this Pisa hotel is a destination in and of itself.

Dreamtime Verdict – Tuscany

This is the ideal location for the bride who appreciates the natural beauties of the outdoor and has a keen interest in historical Italian cities. Because this region is so large and offers so many different venues, you can craft any sort of wedding you wish. Along with offering a host of too-good-to-be-true wedding venues, this region also houses a number of engaging Italian sites, including the Italian staple, the Leaning Tower of Pisa. If beautiful photography is at the top of your priority list for your wedding, seriously consider Tuscany.

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