Wedding Photographers in Naples, Italy

At first, Naples was not at the top of our recommended list for destination wedding photography. The town, though rich in history, does not see quite as much tourism traffic as other popular destinations nearby. As a result, it can be a bit dirty. So you have to do Naples correctly — and to do that, read on.

Though the name Naples comes from the Greek Neapolis, which means new city, this steeped-in-history Italian location is anything but. The third largest city in Italy, this southern locale draws people year-after-year — and has for the last 2,700 years. From its beautiful bay to the picturesque cobblestone streets to the 450 historic churches, this city offers much to see and photograph during your wedding weekend. One cool photo opportunity is the Gaiola Bridge.

The old city center is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, so even if you’re not planning on a bride and groom photo session, it’s still a great place to wander around and take pictures, if only for hobby. One thing interesting about this wedding destination is it’s sort of on the down-low as far as tourism is concerned. Many of the other big name Italian cities draw far more tourism, so the area isn’t totally overrun during the high season.

Getting to Naples is easy thanks to an international airport located just outside of the city center. You can book your flight direct to the Naples airport (code NAP) or fly to pretty much anywhere in Europe and take a commuter flight. Traffic in the city is out of control, so it might be easiest to take public transport or the rail system instead of renting cars.

Naples wedding venues

Because of the extensive bus system that runs through Naples, travel is generally quite easy. You can get to most wedding venues fairly easily.

  • M Gallery Palazzo Caracciolo – The modern feel and central location of the Palazzo, combined with the fact that it was built in the 13th Century, makes it worth consideration.
  • Grand Hotel Vesuvio – The views and marina-side location make this a standout location. The ballrooms are pretty incredible as well.
  • Romeo Hotel – For a taste of the modern in Naples, try this hotel. From the fully-lit exterior that makes it a sight to see at night, to the well-appointed rooms with pristine views, this hotel is one that is not likely to disappoint.
  • Decumani Hotel de Charme – This 450-year-old hotel offers the old-world charm one would expect from an Italian city, allowing travelers with a penchant for classic Italy to truly immerse themselves in this historical city.
  • Hotel Europeo – With a central location near Pizzeria di Matteo, this hotel is easy to get to. Many of the rooms feature large, wall-sized murals, adding an extra draw for lovers of art.

Dreamtime Verdict – Naples

Naples hasn’t lost the old-Italian feel that traditionally draws visitors to its streets. Whether you are a fan of Naples distinctively Italian pizza or you just appreciate the hustle and bustle of a sprawling Italian city, Naples may be a great place to say your I dos. However, we think there are cooler options out there.


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