Wedding photography in Milan, Italy

Getting married in Milan? Great choice — your wedding will be gorgeous, and so will your photography. Milan is the second largest city on the Italian peninsula. This Northern Italy metropolis features some more modern architecture than you would find in other parts of Italy. Most notable for housing a collection of fashion houses featuring works of some of the best recognized names in the industry, this city now draws an estimated two-million visitors annually, many of whom come to take participate in fashion events.

Though home to many modern buildings, Milan still houses quite a few quaint places to get married, many hidden away in the bustling city, potentially making them even more romantic.

For a church ceremony, try the Chiesa di San Maurizio al Monastero Maggiore, a Renaissance church that is sure to please. The Basilica di S. Ambrogio also provides a pleasing place to say your vows. This site is particularly ideal for outdoor weddings, using the basilica itself as a backdrop for photos while capitalizing on the natural light that floods into the space. If you’re set on a more modern setting, the city has countless luxury hotels to check out.

The larger Malpensa airport is perhaps easier to get to, but the nearby Linate airport is perhaps more ideal, as it’s just 5 miles from the Milan city center. Train lines run into and round the city and busing is also available for travel, though it is not as conveniently accessible as rail travel

Best Milan wedding venues

Milan is an extremely popular tourist destination, so the infrastucture is well established. This will serve to your advantage as you seek a hotel in this city.

  • Chateau Monfort – This impeccably decorated hotel is spacious but retains a cozy feel. With exemplary spa facilities, this establishment is built for rest, relaxations and weddings
  • Hotel Spadari al Duomo – With an eclectic and modern interior, this hotel is the perfect fit for the contemporary couple. Many rooms offer beautiful views of the city and glimpses of the tourist attraction Doumo.
  • Park Hyatt Milan – Winner of the Travelers’ Choice Award in 2012, this hotel is ideally situated near some of Milan’s most picturesque streets. With lots of amenities to enjoy.
  • Hotel Berna – This hotel is conveniently located near a train station, allowing for easy travel. Travelers note that it is well maintained and that staff members are all friendly and helpful.

Dreamtime Verdict – Milan

This fashion capital of the world is the ideal location for the ever-in-style bride. Largely due to the money brought into the city by the fashion industry, the streets of Milan are generally well-kept and attractively appointed. While this city does still retain some of the old-world charm that draws many to Italy, it is also more modern than some other Italian idylls, making it a strong choice as a wedding venue for a couple with a contemporary flare. Photography here is distinctly urban in character, as compared to the old word cities like Venice, or the outdoorsy venues of Tuscany.


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