Wedding Photography in Capri

The island of Capri sits in the Tyrrhenian Sea and attracts those seeking a vacation with an island-feel that is also culturally-rich. The island has countless legends, with stories of the emperors holding court here, throwing wild parties, and tossing disagreeable visitors from the cliff tops. It is swamped with tourists in July and August, so don’t get married here during those months!

Instead, maybe get married here in September, and try to coincide your weddign with the Settembrata Anacaprese, which is the annual celebration of the grape harvest. There’s also a long-running film festival each December.

In a way, it’s very reminiscent of the Greek Isles like Santorini. Much of the villages are high on cliff tops with pretty amazing views out over the sea.

The largely limestone make-up of the landscape gives it a distinctive and rustic appeal full of white-topped crags interspersed with lush greenery. These uncommon physical characteristics make this site a wedding photographer’s dream, as there is much natural beauty to serve as the background for your ceremony or reception.

There are many sites ideal for the exchanging of vows in Capri. Often, couples drawn to the island for the natural beauty elect to get married outside at a number of waterfront sites. The Punta Carena Lighthouse, which sits on the westernmost point of this island, is a distinctive place for an outdoor wedding as it provides a sunny landscape with a cool maritime feel.

For a civil ceremony, try the Capri Town Hall in Piazzetta. This town hall offers a unique courtyard with picturesque views. Another location that’s photographically rich is Casa Rossa, a brightly colored and distinctive home built between 1876 and 1898. This building — now a museum — features local paintings and photos, making it a culturally rich place, ideal for lovers of art.

Event Venues in Capri

Popular with tourists from around the globe, the relatively petite island of Capri is home to an array of attractive hotels from which to select. Because the island isn’t overly large, you can likely select any hotel and still get to your wedding site with relative ease. Here are some favorite wedding venues.

  • La Scalinatella – This family run hotel provides a resort feel. With great views of the ocean, few find anything to complain about when staying here.
  • Quisisana – A cliff top venue looking out over a bay, with beautiful old architecture fused with super modern rooms. It’s got nearly 150 rooms and can handle about 400 guests.
  • Capri Tiberio Palace – As the name would suggest, hotel will leave you feeling as if you have stepped into the shoes of royals. Conveniently located and well maintained.
  • Hotel Relais Maresca – This hotel boasts rooms with beautiful views. It is also conveniently located near the ferry to Naples, allowing for easy trips back to mainland Italy.
  • La Minerva – Though not as expensive as some of its competitors, this hotel ranks highly with guests, earning the Travelers’ Choice award in 2012. The hotel offers lush furnishings and impeccable décor, delighting guests.

Dreamtime Verdict – Capri

Capri is the ideal landing spot for a couple that loves the ocean and appreciates culture. Filled with secret escapes that offer a glimpse into this island’s history, there is much for the bride and groom to see and photograph while staying on the island. Though getting to Capri does require a bit more effort, as there are no airports on the island, many find the trip to be half the fun. Ferry rides to the island provide stunning views and fresh ocean-air, making the trip less of an effort and more of a pleasure for many couples and wedding-goers.

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