I shot Megan and Chad’s engagement session near Rocky Mountain National Park twice, or rather I shot half of their engagement session twice and combined them into a whole.

We tried once in mid winter and got absolutely shut down by howling winds, sub zero temps, and, in typical Estes Park fashion, perfectly blue skies. Such deceptive weather is a bit of a hallmark up here; winter mornings in Estes Park often dawn clear and brilliant, but the winds pick up, the houses shake, and trying to operate a camera can be a challenge once your fingers start to freeze into claws with zero dexterity.

Anyway, we tried. We froze. And we still got a few cool shots before taking a break for a few months. Megan really wanted to get some sort of starry night picture, and to do that we had to wait for warmer temps where we could comfortably hang out at dusk or shortly thereafter.

So, fast forward to summer! We romped around in the woods for a few hours and I think we nailed it.

Congrats, guys!

Engagement photo under stars Engagement photo in Colorado mountains in winter Engagement photo with dog Engagement photo in forest Engagement photo in trees in Colorado Engagement photo with pets Engaged couple making snow angels Engagement photo with Lumpy Ridge behind Engagement photo with Twin Owls behind

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