I couldn’t stop laughing when I heard how Kedzie and Ed first met. They were both at a house party of a mutual friend, who told Ed about this blonde girl who wanted to chat.

Ed wandered up to her and introduced himself. Kedzie wouldn’t have any of it. Ed kept going. Kedzie ignored him. Ed didn’t take the hint. This went on for most of the night, but eventually he wore her down and scored a phone number. Later he found out that his friend had made it all up: Kedzie certainly didn’t want to talk.

But Ed was undeterred. He’s a determined and charming guy, and won her over with a first date at a early morning spin class. Now, a few years later, this hilarious and dynamic duo are planning a wedding. It’s even got its own hashtag: #edzie2015. Ohyeah.

I met up with them recently in Estes Park for their engagement session in Rocky Mountain National Park the day after one of the earliest snow storms in recent history. Thankfully it melted off early and we were lucky enough to have some gorgeous low afternoon sunlight. I had a hard time holding my camera still, though — they cracked me up as much as they cracked each other up.

Can’t wait for their wedding next year at the Four Seasons Vail, in Vail, CO. Keep your eyes peeled. It’s gonna be epic.

Congrats, guys!

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