Just got the results back from the latest WPJA contest, and I had two images place. It’s always a great feeling to see your images recognized, but this contest was even more special to me than usual. I think the organization has grown tremendously this year; the number of award-winners from around the world is staggering. A few years ago, most of the winning entries were from the USA. Now, it seems, the winners are really international. I couldn’t believe the number of winners from Europe in this contest — and I think it’s great that this style of wedding photography is gaining in popularity worldwide.

The first shot was from Kurt and Sabrina’s Denver wedding earlier this year. For some reason I really love this shot. I see a heart formed by the back of Kurt’s head and the shoulders and necks of the groomsmen on either side. Am I crazy? Do you see it too? I also love the look on Sabrina’s face. It’s so genuine. This image placed in the Ceremony category.


This next shot was from Brian and Christie’s Beaver Creek wedding at Spruce Saddle in Beaver Creek. Jen Hammond, an awesome Vail wedding planner, did a stellar job (as always!) putting their day together. Brian and Christie and I headed out during the most epic sunset ever to get some couples portraits, and when we came back inside, I found these two putting on quite a show in the middle of the dance floor. Will I photograph one of their weddings one day? I bet it’d be a pretty rad party. This shot placed in the Kids Being Kids category.


I’m pretty stoked. These two shots represent my 17th and 18th WPJA awards.

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