Here are a few more images that won awards in the latest Round 10 Fearless Photography contest. Check the whole gallery of winners here: — there are a ton of fantastic images in there and it’s worth a few minutes of a day to browse through them. There were 7,500 entries from 650 photographers. Out of those, 312 won an award. I scored 3.

Pretty stoked about these. There are a lot of so-called awards floating around, but very few are truly legit ones that are judged by a blinded jury of my peers. I take a pretty cynical view on this kind of thing, since most are popularity contests sponsored by television stations and bridal web sites that ask users to vote for a favorite photographer in order to collect email addresses for future advertising campaigns. Other awards are handed out simply for linking to a web site, paying $600 to $3500 a year to join a “Best Photographers In The World” club, or getting just one positive feedback a year on a review site. This kind of thing really makes me frustrated because it’s not merit based in any way whatsoever. Fearless Awards make me proud because you have to make good pictures to get them, and I get psyched when I see the awesome work everyone else is producing out there.

The image of the guest grabbing a beer at Larry and Laura’s Tulum wedding at Ana y Jose has gotten a fair bit of mileage in the contest circuit. The other two were from Rebecca and Grant’s wedding on Abaco in the Bahamas (and yes, that’s a grandmother getting freaky with a band member).


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