The Wedding Photojournalist Association just released the results of its most recent year-end contest for 2011 and I was thrilled with 7 awards in total, bringing the annual count up to 8, and my career count up to 27.

Three images won blue medals by placing in the top five within a category, and two images won gold medals by placing in the top three. Pretty stoked about this.

The competition has become absolutely fierce as the organization has expanded and matured in recent years. Check out all the winners here.

The first image here placed second in the Found Details category at a gorgeous wedding in the Bahamas: 2011q4-1.jpg   This one won a 20th place in Emotion at the Sonnenalp Resort in Vail, Colorado: 2011q4-2.jpg And an 11th place in Found Details. I shot this at one of my favorite Vail venues: The Four Seasons: 2011q4-3.jpg This image placed 5th in the Ceremony category. The bride and groom are my dear friends Kristin and Yishai, who run and operate an adventure racing company and a climbing gym in San Luis Obispo. It’s only fitting that the path to the cereony was cordoned off by climbing rope and they’re charging back to the reception, where, I should note, the centerpieces were made of climbing holds. 2011q4-4.jpg This image placed 3rd in the Groom Getting Ready category, from another super fun Vail wedding. 2011q4-5.jpg I love this shot from a wedding in the Bahamas last May, which was 10th in Creative Portraits. 2011q4-6.jpg And last, my 11th place finisher for the Food and Drinks category from Larry and Laura’s wedding in Tulum. 2011q4-7.jpg

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