Today I learned the results of the 9th Fearless Photographers awards contest. Fearless is a really awesome organization of about 900 wedding photographers, and the Fearless Awards are given out to super cool pictures. There are no placings and no lower or upper limit of awards per contest. Judges  (a panel other Fearless members) simply pick photos they deem worthy, and the whole thing is blinded so nobody knows who shot what.

I joined Fearless about a month ago and and just heard the results of the first contest I participated in. About 5 percent of the submissions won an award, and five of those shots were mine. Pretty stoked about that.

If you want to check some super inspiring wedding photography, swing on over to the Fearless gallery from Round 9. The stuff in there wasn’t just mind blowing — it’s mind blasting. For Russell Peters fans out there, let me say it again: mind BLASTING!

Meanwhile, catch ya on the flip side. I’m going to Turkey for a week of rock climbing on some beautiful limestone, surrounded by pomegranate and apricot orchards.


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