Santorini Wedding Photographer

Santorini, Greece is one of the new hotspots for destination weddings, and for good reason. With its beautiful architecture, awesome food, fun activities, and outrageously colorful sunsets, celebrations here are becoming more and more popular. You’ve probably seen incredible wedding photos from Santorini already — of brides and grooms outside of beautifully domed white chapels, against a deep blue sky high above the ocean. Hopefully these resource pages will be helpful as you research places to tie the knot.

Santorini has about 16,000 residents, and it’s a volcanic island that was the site of one of history’s craziest volcanic eruptions. Legends say that the eruption caused the wave that submerged the Lost City of Atlantis.

The climate here is super nice from April to October, and it’s colder and rainier during the rest of the year. Ideal wedding dates would be May and September. Because of the climate — and the volcanic nature of the soil — the crops grown here are prized and unique. The islands famous tomatoes, eggplants and cucumbers are sort of a delicacy, so if you’re looking for a caterer, be sure to ask them if they can include some of the local specialities in your wedding feast. Also be sure to ask them if they can provide some wines from the local grape, the assyrtiko.

Getting to Thira (JTR is the airport code for Santorini) is an easy 30 minute flight from Athens, and during the high season, about a dozen budget European carriers fly direct from ports all over the continent. You can also easily catch a ride on the ferries that cruise through the islands. Be warned, though: if you come by boat, you’ll have to get to the town of Fira from the sea — which involves a mule right, a cable car, or a rough hike up nearly 600 steps.

Wedding photography in Santorini is defined by the architecture, geography, and the legendary, world-famous sunsets. Most receptions take place on small venues on the top of the cliffs, with epic views onto the sea.

If you are looking for entertainment for your guests, fret not; there are many fun things to do on the island. There are ancient villages that were left in ruins because of volcanoes. These have become proper sightseeing destinations, and make great backdrops. There are also historic places from the Minoan era that have drawn a lot of attention.

Lots of nearby islands offer great escapes for boat tours, and a sunset cruise in the sea is a great option for a rehearsal dinner. Here is a great WikiTravel page for more info.

Best wedding venues in Santorini

First, check out the Kapari Natural Resort, which is a super cool collection of 300 year old buildings that have been restored into an incredibly modern, luxury resort — all the while retaining its look of an ancient settlement. Next, consider another cool minimalist resort, the Avanton Hotel, with a beautiful infinity pool on the island cliff top. Food here is excellent. The Art Maisons has won a great number of awards in the hotel industry, while the Astra Suites is listed as one of the best hotels on the planet.

If you want to get married on the nearby island of Ios, check out the Avanti Hotel, with its breezy, outdoor, open architecture and 17 elegant rooms.

Dreamtime Verdict: Santorini

Not much to say other than “Get Married Here.” The hotels and scenery are world famous for a reason. It’s getting more and more popular, so the sooner, the better. Because of the incredible snorkeling and diving on Santorini, a wedding photographer with an underwater housing may be something to consider, to capture all the fun goings on before or after the wedding itself.

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