Wedding photography in Crete

One of the world’s most popular places for weddings in Crete. For photographers, it’s a feast of colors and textures. It is the biggest island of Greece and one of the most popular for tourists. Despite its large population (650,000) there’s something for everyone: big cities and quiet villages alike. It’s also among the most popular places to get married in Greece. Blessed with the beautiful countryside and interesting ruins and architecture, a wedding here will result in amazing photographs. There are many scenic areas here that will offer beautiful pictures, such as the Gorge of the Dead, the Lasithi Plateau, the Zeus Cave (where Zeus was hidden as an infant), the Knossos ruins, the Gorge of Samaria, the Rethimnon precture coast, and the Sakros Gorge. Some brides and grooms might want to consider doing a wedding photo shoot on an offshore island called Gramvousa, which boasts of a huge fortress and sandy beaches.

Getting to Crete isn’t too difficult, which makes it a great place for a destination event. There are two airports, lots of internal flights from Athens, and a fair number of direct flights from big European ports during the Greece tourist season, which basically runs from April to November.

Crete wedding venues

There are many hotels to choose from on the island — here are some favorites. The Elounda Peninsula offers some of the finest dining in all of Greece, all on a super cool venue perched on a beatiful peninsula jutting into the Agean Sea. The Royal Heights Resort is a great wedding venue with expansive views and cool rooms surrounding a central pool. The luxury Blue Palace Resort and Spa has amazing architecture and super modern rooms, all lending themselves to super cool wedding images. Also check out the King Minos Hotel.

Fun activities on Crete

There are many things that you can do on the island of Crete. Sightseeing is always an option, as well as visiting many of the island’s most popular beaches. Also, be sure to check out the endless acres of farmland and see where all those tasty Greek olives come from. Consider learning about the Lyra (a folk instrument), take horse and jeep tours throughout the island, or enjoy the great bars and nightlife. Like a lot of places in Greece, one of the most fun things to do is just go exploring. In Crete, the kafeneions are the places to stop — they are the coffee shops that form the center of village life thoughout the islands.

Dreamtime Verdict: Crete

Dreamtime Images recommends Crete for people looking for a little bit of everything, and for people who enjoy a good food/culture experience. It’s not as cosmopolitan as Mykonos, nor is as off the beaten path as Milos, but it’s got a little bit of everything to appeal to many, many brides and grooms. If you choose to get married here, you will not be disappointed.

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