Poros Wedding Photographer

We heartily recommend the Saronic Gulf Islands, of which Poros is a part, for destination weddings. The island of Poros is small in size (with a population of just over 4,000) but not in beauty, and it’s being visited more frequently as destination weddings become more and more popular around the world. Brides rave about the beautiful ocean, rich vegetation, and interesting architecture surrounding the island.

Wedding photography opportunities on Poros abound. The island offers beautiful beaches as well as historical landmarks and castles, all of which provide great backdrops for images. Be sure to check out the Bourtzi Castle, from 1928, see the ruins of the asylum of Poseidon, or see the ruins of the Russian naval base. The beaches also are vast and are ripe for touring, providing you hours upon hours of adventures.

Wedding venues in Poros

Once you choose Poros for your island celebration you can begin looking for hotels in that area. Here are some hotels that you may find of interest. First, check out the New Aegli, which is right on the beach. Also check out the Manessi, which is waterfront. For a clifftop experience, check out the Sirene Blue, just a few miles out of the main port. The Sirene is probably Poros’ best kept secret, and top place to get married.

Dreamtime Verdict: Poros

If you choose this gem as your destination you will surely have a great time, and you’ll also have some great wedding photography. The tiny, tiny island is great for small and intimate weddings, and you and your guests will have tons of fun exploring every nook and cranny of the islands. You might even consider hiring a yacht for a sunset cruise. Poros might not have the nightlife of Athens, or the funk of Santorini, but it does offer a very intimate feel that will appeal to many brides and grooms.

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