Milos Wedding Photographer

If you want to have your wedding on one of the more unusual islands in Greece, you should consider getting married on Milos. There are very few words to describe the beauty and intrigue the island has to offer. It offers plenty of scenery and it’s highly recommended for the adventure travelers among us, who want to go to unique and different places that are off the beaten path. The volcanic island is mineral rich, and the crazy orange hues of sulphur and iron oxides have streaked the cliff faces and resulted in sand and pebbles that are crazy colors.

The volcanic island is home to just about 5000 people, and it sports pretty easy access. Several flights a day arrive from Athens, and the ferries cruising back and forth between all the Greek islands have a pretty regular schedule.

Milos has a string of beautiful and secluded beaches, including Sarakiniko, its most popular. Sarakiniko is an extremely strange place that looks like the surface of the moon, with big bone-white rocks shaped in curious forms. A beach day here before your wedding would be a great introduction to the island for your guests. In fact, beaches like Sarakiniko are one of the biggest draws to Milos, as least from a photography perspective. The interesting rock formations are found nowhere else in the world, and make a spectacular backdrop for imagery. Anyway, also check out Tsigrado, Kleftiko and Sikia Beach, in a volcanic cave.

Many of the beaches are unspoiled and undiscovered, and you are very likely to have an entire beach to yourself if you choose a wedding here. Photographically this is a huge bonus, since we won’t have to frame your pictures specifically to exclude tourists walking in the background.

If your wedding guests are looking for things to do, they can go windsurfing, horseback riding, or go scuba diving and sea kayaking. Or they can check out the fun archeological, folk and mining museums. Due to the island’s volcanic nature, there are a lot of hot springs scattered here and there. Last, they can check out the Trypiti catacombs and the Kastro in Plaka, which was built to ward off pirates.

Best places to get married in Milos

Milos is small, but there are a number of super cool little wedding venues here. Check out the Lagada Beach Hotel, which is right on the shore and offers tango lessons for its visitors. For smaller, more intimate weddings, check out the Glarakia Studios, which has just 10 bedrooms. Maybe hire a local chef to cater for your guests for the week. Last, check out the Artemis Tavern on the beach.

Dreamtime Verdict: Milos

If you are looking for an island setting filled with great beaches, good views, beautiful sunsets and a sense of peace and quiet, this is your place. Wedding photography in Milos is defined by colors — it’s called the Island of Colors for a reason. It’s a great place to go if you’re an adventure traveler who likes to see unique locales that most people never get to. This is a great place for people who just want to share each others’ company without any distractions.

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