Montserrat wedding photographer

Dreamtime Images wedding photographer offers photography services to couples seeking to get married in the Emerald Isle of the Caribbean. A wedding in Montserrat can be breathtakingly gorgeous and surprisingly inexpensive since the island is struggling to regain its tourism industry, which was eviscerated after volcano eruptions and hurricanes in the 80s and mid-1990s. If you are going to get married on Montserrat and need a destination wedding photographer, contact us for pricing and availability. Our photography services are available in Montserrat year-round.

Montserrat is a gorgeous place to get married. It’s super tropical, and is located near Puerto Rico. It was destroyed in the 80s and 90s due to forces of nature, but has made a comeback in the last decade and a half despite several areas in the island being uninhabitable. It’s actually one of the few Caribbean islands that is growing thanks to the volacano eruption.

How to get to Montserrat? That’s not too hard – fly to Antigua and take a WinAir Flight. There are also boat routes.

When should I get married in Montserrat? Well, the island is in the hurricane belt, so beware of the weather if you plan your wedding between June and November. You should probably consider getting married in Montserrat in the winter or early Spring.

Best Wedding Venues on Montserrat

Monteserrat is trying hard to reestablish its tourism industry, and as a result, it’s one of the cheapest destinations for a wedding in the Caribbean. It’s a great option for adventurous couples who are on a budget and who don’t mind taking a little risk. Some favorite places to get married ar Tropical Mansion Suites, Tan Ry Doon, Gingerbread Hill, Vue Pointe Hotel, the Turtle Point Apartments, Miles Away Villa, and a few others. Also check out Bunkum Beach and Erindell Villa.

What to do on Montserrat

Thanks to the wild nature of the island, and the fact that the volcano is still active, a Montserrat wedding can be exciting and adventurous, and there are lots of fun things to do. Montserrat is small — just 40 square miles — but it packs a punch. The island is a nature-lover’s paradise. Tropical jungles, an active volcano, and a ton of hiking trails, completely deserted becaches, and great coral reefs to dive on are a few of the tiny island’s many attractions. Divers might even consider a day trip to the nearby uninhabited island of Redonda, where they’re sure to find a lot of wildlife. You’ll find sandy-bottomed beaches guarded by cliffs rising as high as 100 feet out of the water.

Dreamtime Verdict: Montserrat

Generally positive, though potentially risky. Montserrat has a lot going for it: it’s one of the prettiest places in the Caribbean, if not the prettiest. It’s also incredibly inexpensive and very isolated. It’s a great option for an adventurous couple who is looking for seclusion and pure natural beauty. But you’ll have to plan your wedding at the right time and you will have to be comfortable with the fact that the volcano is still active and may erupt (though obviously the possibility of that happening is very, very small during your wedding weekend). All in all, Montserrat is a pretty appealing destination for wedding photography.

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