Martinique wedding photographer

Thanks for visiting our Martinique wedding photography resource pages. Our small team of destination wedding photographers serves Martinique and the surrounding islands in the Caribbean. We shoot in a photojournalistic style and have won dozens of awards from the WPJA, Fearless and the ISPWP, all worldwide organization of wedding photographers.

Martinique wedding photography is characterized by a beautiful island with a mountainous iterior, gorgeous beaches of black sand, dense rain forests, and gorgeous and luxurious hotels. The black sand comes from a dormant volcano called Montagne Pelee. One small problem with getting married on Martinique is that you’ll need to have lived on the island for a month before your wedding. For this reason, we advise getting married at home and then having a ceremony on the island.

Martinique weddings are governed by the laws of France. People speak French and eat crepes! EU immigration applies, which means that many countries’ citizens (US, UK, Canada) don’t require visas to visit. You can get their direct from Paris, Guadelous, Germany, and the US (via American Airlines, with a stopover in Puerto Rico). You can also fly via Canada on Air Canada.

The weather in Martinique is pretty stable, but it does get hit by hurricanes. It is best to avoid a Martinique wedding from June to October. The best time to get married on the island would be between December and May/June. The best combination of weather safety and low tourism would be at the end of the busy season, but before the bad weather appears.

Best places to get married in the Martinique

One cool thing is that there is camping on the island, so your guests, if they’re the outdoorsy type, can actually visit the island for an extended period of time beforehand and live relatively inexpensively. Otherwise there are a multitude of beautiful hotels to stay at on Martinique. Our Martinique wedding photographer recommends the Cap Est Lagoon, Hotel I’Imperatrice, Carayou Hotel, Hotel Bakoua, Kalenda Trois Ilets, Hotel La Bateliere, Karibea Valmeniere Hotel, the Hotel Fregate Bleue, and many others. One of the highest rated hotels is Le Panoramic. Another is Le Domaine Saint Aubin.

What to do in the Martinique

If you’re on Martinique, your wedding guests should visit the Rum Museum! Pretty interesting history of the island’s rum production. There’s also a Paul Gauguin museum for art lovers (he lived on Martinique for half a year), as well as a world authority on bananas: Le Musee de la Banane. Of course, there are some incredible natural attractions to visit, but the interesting cultural history of Martinique makes it unique.

Dreamtime Verdict: Martinique

If I were to describe the couple that would fit in with a Martinique wedding, I’d say they were looking for somewhere off the beaten path, yet want a distintly unique and European feel to their wedding. They probably would love French food and wine, good cooking, and tropical beaches. They probably don’t want a super touristy island, and value serenity, tranquility and natural ambiance. The wedding photography opportunities are fantastic in Martinique, so I give it high, high marks.

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