Guadeloupe wedding photographer

Wedding photography in Guadeloupe is a treat, and a marriage in Guadeloupe is not to be missed! The island is breathtakingly gorgeous, and in some ways it looks a little like the destination islands in the South Pacific, like Fiji. It has enormous mountains, big waterfalls, and relatively tropical vegetation. That’s very different than relatively flat islands like Bonaire. That’s one thing that’s cool about getting married in the Caribbean: there are islands to suit everyone, from the flat and dry to the mountainous and humid, from the busy and well-traveled to the secluded and off-the-beaten-path.

Guadeloupe is a part of the French republic, being an overseas region. It’s actually part of the European Union (yep, it’s on the EU) so getting married there is very similar to getting married in France. Many of the same laws apply. Because one of the people getting married needs to have lived in Guadeloupe for more than a month, it might be easiest to get married in your home country and then have your ceremony and celebration on the islands. If you plan on being in Guadeloupe for a long time before your wedding, here are some basic requirements: you’ll need a birth certificate, a passport, and proof of residence at a minimum. If your to-be spouse has not lived there, he or she will need a variety of documents. It may be best to contact the appropriate Guadeloupe ministry directly.

Wedding Venues on Guadeloupe

One nice thing about Guadeloupe is that it is sheltered from the tourist industry somewhat, yet it’s also not as expensive as some of the other smaller islands like Antigua. Nevertheless, it has many beautiful upscale hotels. Well regarded places to get married in Guadeloupe are La Toubana (Sainte-Anne), La Cocoteraie (Saint Francois), MGallery Auberge de la Vielle Tour (Gosier), Aquarella’s Villas, La Creole Beach Hotel, and the Hotel Eden Palm.

What to do on Guadeloupe

There are a ton of things to photograph in Guadeloupe because there are many beautiful natural resources. Organizing photography sessions for wedding couples, or even a trash the dress session, would be a smart idea for a destination wedding in Guadeloupe. Among the top attractions are the Aquarium de la Guadeloupe, which is the biggest of its kind in the entire region. There are a number of really beautiful natural parks, as well as a cool old fort on top of a hill. You’ll find pristine beaches, tropical jungles, waterfalls and great scuba diving.

Dreamtime Verdict: Guadeloupe

Guadeloupe is a unique Caribbean island. It’s got its local culture yet it has retained its strong ties to Europe. Geographically, the islands are very diverse, and are a great option for wedding couples who are searching islands like those in the South Pacific. Wedding photography on Guadeloupe offers some unusual oportunities since the island has big waterfalls. Imagine doing a trash the dress session there! Overall, Guadeloupe is a nature lover’s paradise that’s well off the beaten path. More difficult to get to than the bigger resort islands such as Aruba or Nassau, but the effort is more than worth it.

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