Dominica wedding photographer

Dominica Wedding Photography by Dreamtime Images emphasizes great moments between people and a huge love of the outdoors. That makes sense, since Dominica’s nickname is The Nature Island. The location is recommends for nature lovers, hikers, divers, and explorers who want to check out a beautiful place off the beaten path with lots of untouched nature. It’s an outdoor fanatic’s dream destination, and a fantastic place for creating gorgeous wedding photos!

As opposed to some of the drier islands in the Caribbean such as Bonaire or Aruba, or some of the flatter islands like the Bahamas, Dominica is basically a rain forest (very similar to Guadeloupe, St. Kitts and Nevis). But while some of those islands were pretty worked over by farming, the ecology of Dominica remains intact. It’s got lots of geothermal activity, the second largest hot spring on earth, rainforests galore, and many rare species. The country traded hands over the years, from France to the UK, and is now its own independent nation. It’s also got tons of waterfalls, which are really not super common throughout the Caribbean. Dominica has the most untouched wilderness in all of the Caribbean, which is pretty impressive. Some of the nature parks are UNESCO World Heritage sites. All in all, Dominica is a great place for nature lovers and their friends to enjoy time together before, during and after the wedidng.

Here are the basic Dominica wedding requirements. First, you’ll need to apply for a Special Marriage License, which will require a passport and birth certificate (you may need to have it notarized). Not that baptismal certificates don’t count. You’ll also need a passport photo and a non-marriage certificate to ensure you’re not married. You’ll also need to pay about EC$300 fee and an extra EC$30 if you want to have a civil ceremony in the Registrar’s office. In Dominica, you are required by law to have been in the country for two days before you apply for your marriage license, and they’ll ask to see proof of that by checking the date of your passport’s entry stamp.

Best wedding venues in Dominica

Here’s a short list of the best places to get married in Dominica: Fort Young Hotel in Roseau, the Exotica Cottages, Jungle Bay Resort and Spa, Papillote Wilderness Retreat, Zandoli Inn, and the Sutton Place Hotel. Also consider Beau Rive as a best place to get married in Dominica — or the Pagua Bay House, the Calibishie Lodge, the Manicou River Resort, or the OhLaLa Villas.

What to do on Dominica

Tons of hiking, biking, exploring nature, and snorkeling and scuba diving are at the top of any Dominica vacation itinerary. When we are hired to be a wedding photographer in Dominica, we tend to photograph 2 or more days of events – so we will be with your wedding party as they climb volcanoes, snorkel, scuba dive, and explore this gorgeous island.

Dreamtime Verdict: Dominica

Dominica is the perfect wedding island for nature lovers and ecotourists, though it may not appeal to folks who are looking for an island with lots of nightlife, gambling, or casinos. I would imagine the perfect Dominica couple would be one who loves hiking, diving, snorkeling, and wants to spend a few days with 50 of their closest familymembers and friends in the middle of one of the most beautiful places in the Caribbean, without any disctraction whatsoever. Its appeal doubles if you like jungles and forests — though some people like the beautiful windswept desert islands of the Netherlands Antilles.

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