Curacao wedding photographer

Curacao is a Mecca for wedding photographers! Think colors — lots of colors. It’s a technicolor wonderland. It’s got a rich, Dutch heritage, so you’ll be sure to love all the beautiful and colorful architecture. The rich pastel colors on all the buildings are quite pretty, and serve as a great backdrop for wedding images. Curacao is pretty easy to get to, and accepts flights from select airports in North America. If you can’t find a simple, direct flight, see if you can fly to Aruba and then take an internal flight over to Curacao. The internal flight should probably take about a half hour.

Another great thing about getting married on Curaco is that you don’t have to worry about the crazy storms that plague the islands in the northern part of the region. If you want to know when to get married here, the answer is “whenever.” The island is too south for the hurricanes.

Wedding requirements in Curacao are the same as in Aruba. I’ve seen all sorts of different wedding requirements, from super easy to super onerous. Curacao is somewhat in the middle. You will need to bring documentation that you’re single and can therefore marry; you’ll need a passport, a birth certificate with an official, raised seal; and some official witnesses (though you can hire them from the court for some extra money. What’s important is that you’ll need to send all your documents into the Civil Registry about a month before your wedding so they can review everything and approve them. It’s all pretty easy, but it’s not as easy as some of the other islands, where you just show up and get married.

Curacao Wedding Locations

There are some fantastic places to get married in Curacao. The best ones are the Baoase Luxury Resort, the Santa Barbara Resort, the Lodge Kura Hulanda & Beach Club, the Avila Beach Hotel, the Renaissance Curacao Resort and Casinco, and the Curacao Marriott each Resort. Also check out the Hotel Kura Hulanda, the Hilton Curacao, and the Floris Suite Hotel. Also don’t forget the Chogogo Resort.

Fun Things to do on Curacao

There are tons of fun activities for you and your wedding guests on Curacao. The geography and environment is similar to Aruba and Bonaire – it’s relatively flat and dry compared to islands like Guadeloupe or Montserrat. If you’re a nature lover, you can check out Christoffel National Park where you’ll find some cool native paintings left by the Arawak Indians. You can also climb Mount Christoffel, which is 1300 feet tall. There’s also the Shete Boka National Park, which double breeding grouds for sea turtles. There are some fun sea caves to explore (with waterfalls inside) as well as a great aquarium. For a fun cultural activty, check out the Floating Market. A flotilla of boats comes in from Venezuela selling all sorts of goods, and shopping in the market can be a blast. Unlike Bonaire, Curacao has some nice beaches to simply lay back and relax.

Dreamtime Verdict: Curacao

Great year-round option for people seeking a blend of everything. Curacao is outside the hurricane belt, so you can be less choosey about your wedding dates. There are many beautiful backdrops to choose for your wedding pictures. It’s not as undeveloped, like Bonaire, but it’s also less built-up like Aruba. Aruba’s hotel district is lots of fun, but it’s dense, so some couples find it a turn-off.

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