Barbuda wedding photography

I provide wedding photography for Barbuda, a gorgeous little slice of paradise with some amazing scenery. Barbuda is a unique choice for a destination wedding since it is so incedibly tiny (which makes it easy to get pretty much everywhere).

One major bonus about getting married on Barbuda is that it does not get hit by hurricanes. This gives you a lot of options when it comes to picking a wedding date. It’s clean, safe, beautiful, and has some of the nicest resorts in the entire Caribbean.

The wedding requirements in Barbuda are the same as in Antigua. You’ll need about $250 in fees, passports, diorce decrees if applicable, and two witnesses. Because there is no waiting time, you can get married the day you arrive. Obviously most people are going to spend a fair amount of time wherever they plan their destination wedding, but the lack of time requirements frees you up to do whatever you want, however you want to do it.

Getting to Barbuda is not as easy as getting to, say, Aruba or the Dominican Republic, but therein lies its charm. Places that are hard to get to are devoid of tourists and have a completely different feel. So this is what makes Barbuda a top wedding destination – and a great place for wedding photography. You’ll have to fly into Antigua and then take a ferry to Barbuda. There is a tiny airport too, wiht flights on Winair from Antigua. The Coco Point Lodge is super exclusive and can arrange charter flights.

Wedding venues on Barbuda

As a wedding photographer, Barbuda is exactly the kind of island I look to shoot at — it’s got lots of great resorts and very little tourist traffic. One of the best places to get married on Barbuda is the Barbuda Beach House, and words can’t do this place justice. It’s modern, contemporary, zen-like, and uber cool. It is secluded and fantastic. Just swing by the site to check it out. Another incredible place to host an incredible wedding is the Lighthouse Bay Resort. It’s got all of 9 rooms and is one of the most secluded hotels in the Caribbean. You actually take a helicopter from the Antigua airport – that’s how far off the beaten path it is. We’ll give the Lighthouse Bay Resort an award as the best unknown luxury resort in the Caribbean. Also check out the beautiful Coco Point if you need a few more rooms (this one has 35). One last place to consider is the well-known K Club on Barbuda. English royalty seem to consider this place a second home, and for good reason.

What to do on Barbuda

If you’re planning a wedding in Barbuda, you’re probably there to chill out. Most people don’t stray that far off the beaten path for other reasons. You’re likely seeking seclusion, luxury, privacy, and a sense of being along in a very nearly perfection section of paradise. Of course, there’s golf, sailing, tennis, water sports, scuba diving — but mostly, there’s just the most pristine ocean and beaches around.

Dreamtime Verdict: Barbuda

Barbuda is a place to get away from everything. Very far away from everything. That makes it perfect for couples planning luxurious and intimate weddings in the furthest corners of the Caribbean. Couples who choose to get married here are probably looking for a sense of isolation, and want to spend quality time with their closest family and friends. Perfect. I’ll be there to document it all!

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