A gorgeous Four Seasons Vail wedding with an aisle over the pool

Kedzie + Ed

A wedding over the pool at the Four Seasons Vail

Kedzie and Ed and their crew came from New York to the Vail Valley, where they tied the knot after Kedzie walked down an aisle in the center of the pool at the Four Seasons Vail. It was just jaw dropping.

I headed up to the bridal suite to photograph the girls doing their final prep before Kedzie and Ed had a first look at Mid Vail, atop Gondola One just below The 10th restaurant.

Everything went pretty smoothly, though Kedzie got a little hot while attempting an in-dress wrinkle removal with a steam wand (see below).

Bride getting makeup on at Four Seasons Vail Bridesmaids at Four Seasons VailBride geting into dress at Four Seasons Vail Bridesmaids helping bride at Four Seasons Vail Bride getting ready at Four Seasons Vail Bridal Suite Bride getting steamed

You always have to be careful when organizing a first look — can’t have anyone seeing each other beforehand!

For this one, I went up first with Kedzie and hung out at the 10th for a little bit, while Ed came up a few minutes later. I saw him walking toward the restaurant, intercepted him, and took him down the hill a little bit to a scenic lookout for the reveal.

Once positions, Kedzie knew the drill and came up to surprise him.

First wedding kiss on Vail Mountain Bride and groom first look, Vail

Their wedding ceremony was utterly spectacular. They had a wedding aisle built down the center of the pool at the Four Seasons in Vail, and the bride walked down it in front of a huge wall of ivy and cool plates that served as the seating chart.

The bride’s brothers walked down their mom and shared an emotional moment before the ring bearer, bridesmaids, and groom himself all had emotional moments of their own.

Two brothers walk their mom down the aisle at a wedding in Vail A ring bearer gets a little intimidated at the big wedding Bride walks down aisle over pool at Four Seasons Vail Bridesmaids cry as their friend enters her wedding at the Four Seasons Vail A groom gets emotional as his bride enters the ceremony A groom hugs the bride's father at the wedding ceremony A bride and groom at the poolside wedding in Vail Four Seasons A first kiss at a FS Vail poolside wedding

The guests cocktailed at the pool for a while and then everyone headed inside for a beautiful evening in the Four Season’s ballroom.

Such a fun wedding to shoot!

Pool deck cocktail hour at Four Seasons Vail Bride and groom enter ballroom at FS Vail Bride and groom on dance floor at FS Vail Bride and dad dance Bride and groom cut their cake at the Four Seasons in Vail A bridesmaid toasts the bride and groom A bride and groom react to toasts at their FS Vail wedding Groom dances with mom Wedding guests at FS Vail Wedding dancing at FS Vail Wedding reception Wedding guests take selfies Guests dancing at FS Vail Wedding reception antics

The Wedding Vendors

Here are the great vendors who helped make this day possible

Wedding Day Inspiration

My work is photojournalistic and moment-based, but I always shoot the “standard” shots like details and family or bridal party pictures. Here are a few from this wedding, along with links to inspiration galleries from other weddings so you can get some fresh ideas.

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Kedzie actually had two pairs of wedding shoes. First were her beautiful bridal shoes pictured here, and second were a pair of Keds, because that’s her nickname: Kedz. Like the shoe!

Wedding Party

Kedzie and Ed had a pretty big wedding party, and we were able to shoot their portraits in a number of locations around Vail Village.

I know a bunch of really pretty areas that are a close walk to the Four Seasons: a few gorgeous gardens, an area near Vail Creek, and of course the main pedestrian walkway with the Gore Range in the background.


I loved their wedding rings. Simple, clean, and very elegant.

Groom Stuff

Ed sported the coolest cuff links I’ve ever seen.

I used to be a huge watch nerd, and Ed blinged it up with cufflinks that look like the inside of a watch.

Like a gentleman!

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