Four Seasons Vail Wedding Photos

Images from a top modern venue in the Vail Valley
Four Seasons Vail pool wedding ceremony

Having a wedding aisle over the pool is one of the more unique things you can opt for at the Four Seasons in Vail

The Four Seasons Vail is without a doubt one of my favorite locations to shoot wedding photos along Colorado’s I-70 corridor. Construction began on the incredible 500,000 square foot facility in 2007 and it was completed with 121 hotel rooms, and 35 private and fractional residences.

In the few years since it was built, the hotel has become one of the region’s finest wedding and event venues.

Wedding photos from Vail’s Four Seasons are made distinct thanks to the amazing pool patio, which allows for the creation of an aisle down its middle; a very nice secluded garden for family photos; and a number of beautiful ballrooms. The staff is excellent and the catering and pastries are out of this world.

Guests will enjoy the resort’s location in the center of Vail Village, too, offering easy access to the town’s nightlife.

What will your Four Seasons Vail wedding photos be like?

Wedding aisle down center of pool at Four Seasons Vail

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What I like about photographing weddings at the Four Seasons Vail

When you walk into the hotel, you’re greeted with a huge atrium and hallways with gorgeous vaulted ceilings. Despite this being a common area, it is a very picturesque place to make family portraits on the wedding day if the weather isn’t cooperating. I have shot a lot of family photos in these hallways and they turn out beautifully. The atrium and hallways also make for a great location for dramatic bridal portraits, and I love photographing brides and fathers leaving the building through the huge front doors as they head off to an off site wedding ceremony.

Near the front doors is a beautiful common area with a fire place, which is another beautiful place for indoor portraits, family portraits, of to shoot images of the groomsmen getting their boutonnieres put on.

But, let’s head up to the rooms themselves, since that’s where wedding photography typically begins. I really like the rooms at this hotel — they are big and spacious, which gives photographers the ability to move around and use different focal lengths to create different images with different feelings. Variety is the spice of life, and creating wedding photos at the Four Seasons Vail allows for this. I also like that the hotel doesn’t have a huge, sprawling footprint, so it’s easy for me to get around and visit both the guys and the girls as they prepare.

Wedding lounge at Four Seasons Vail

I love how they convert the outdoor patio near the ballroom into a cool lounge. In the summer time, when the nights are warm, this is a great place for guests to chill out and take a break from dancing.

Ice bar at a Four Seasons Vail wedding

Yes! It’s an ice bar! Between the main ballroom and the outside patio/lounge area is a great room for photo booths, desert bars, cake stations and, yes, ice bars! This was carved specifically for the wedding.

Wedding portrait garden at Four Seasons Vail
First dance at Four Seasons Vail

I loved this photo of a first wedding dance at the Four Seasons Vail. You can see tears in the bride’s eyes.

There are a few ceremony sites at the hotel, the most majestic of all being the pool deck. I had one couple who hired a Vail event company called Pink Monkey Solutions to build an aisle down the center of the pool, which was straight up outrageous. It looked so amazing, and the shots from the patio above the pool deck show the aisle, the wedding, and the vail mountains behind. It was truly special.

Other couples have been married on the decks of the gorgeous penthouse condo, which has even better mountain views because it’s on the top of the building. The suite has a number of gorgeous rooms for people to prep in, and the entire wedding and cocktails can be enjoyed at the top of the building, with the best views in Vail if you can’t get up on the mountain.

Four Seasons Vail Wedding Ballroom

Another nice view of the ballroom decor at a wedding.

Bride getting ready at Four Seasons Vail

I love the huge rooms at the Four Seasons. There is so much more space to move and work, and create interesting wedding photos.

Leaving the Four Seasons Vail via sparklers at a wedding
Flowers and tables at Four Seasons Vail

You can do just about anything to the ballrooms when you do wedding decor at the Four Seasons Vail.

Otherwise, couples have chosen to get married at other locations around Vail and follow up with a reception at Four Seasons. Since the hotel is located literally in the middle of Vail, you can easily access just about every ceremony site (like the Vail Chapel or Betty Ford Alpine Garden) or gondola station (in case you want a Vail Wedding Deck ceremony) in a few minutes.

Another special thing about the Four Seasons Vail is that it’s got a unique ballroom that is super easy to light well and create dynamic, cinematic wedding photos. This one, the Bighorn Ballrooms, is spacious and has high ceilings, which really helps photographers to direct light.

The main ballrooms are on the bottom floor of the building, with a cool outdoor patio area that’s connected. Event designers often turn this area into a hip lounge area, and the rock retaining wall often acts as a stand for hundreds of candles. This is gorgeous looking.

Dramatic wedding portrait at Four Seasons Vail

Just outside the Bighorn Ballroom is another lounge area that can be used for a photo booth, cocktail tables, bars, and a place for couples to cut their wedding cake. The catering team often brings out sliders and other late night snacks for weddings, and puts them on beautiful arrangements in this lounge.

Last, there’s a great spa on property, which brides, bridesmaids and families will absolutely love.

All in all, I think that for the Vail Four Seasons offers great wedding photography potential and is by far one of my favorite venues to shoot at in Colorado.

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