Pueblos Magicos | Magical Villages wedding photographer

In 2001, the Mexican Tourism Secretary began to designate specific small towns within Mexico as its Magical Villages, which, as the name implies, means that visiting them is a unique and utterly magical experience. They have equisite natural beauty, cultural heritage and lots of amazing history. In short, they’re a bride and a destination wedding photographer’s dream. These Magical Villages are truly the most unique places to get married in all of Mexico. They are all fairly remote and off the beaten path, but if that’s what you’re looking for, you should seriously consider these places. Having photographed destination weddings around the world, I have to say that the Magical Villages are definitely places you will never forget. They are truly special.

There are not too many resources on the web that discuss the Magical Villages, so I’ve compiled some information from around the Internet. In total, there are nearly 40 magical villages. They have legends, symbolism, beautiful natural resources and unique history. Getting married in one of these places would be awesome, and the wedding photography opportunities are truly limitless. Real de Catorce is an incredible old ghost town, Izamal has old monuments in the jungles, Tepoztlan has old waterfals and anicent homes. Check out the list here:

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