Huatulco wedding photographer

Weddings in Huatulco benefit from the region having near perfect weather year round. Huatulco, centered around La Crucecita, is on Mexico’s Pacific Coast in Oaxaca — it’s got the azure Pacific on one side and the mountains of the Sierra Madre on the other. The area retains much of Oaxacan Mexico’s culture and charm, while at the same time having some fantastic beaches and luxury hotels. The flight in is spectacular, and there’s a laid back surf culture mixed with high-end all inclusive resorts. It’s a wonderful region of the country to visit and get married.

Here are some reasons to get married in here: first, it’s got a lot of protected natural resources, so if you’re a nature lover and adventure traveler, you’ll find lots of stuff to see and do. As far as images go, it’s super, super pretty. Also, getting married there is a value. For a level of luxury comparable to some of the better known resort areas in Mexico, you will pay half as much. If you want luxury without the crowds, you might enjoy this New York Times quote: it’s the anti-Cancun.

Anyway, thanks for visiting! We are a team of wedding photographers serving Huatulco, Mexico and the Caribbean, and based in Colorado. Here you will find the basics of planning your dream celebration in Tagolunda Bay, Conejos, La Bocana and Chahue.

Best places to get married on Huatulco, Mexico

Some of the top places to get married here include Playa el Violin, Punta Santa Cruz, La Bocana Beach and Castillo Huatulco. Also consider Dreams Huatulco, Las Brisas, Quintana Real, and the Camino Real Zaashila. Other great options are Villas Fasol, Marina Park Plaza, Crown Pacific Deluxe Suite and the Marlin. Also, consider Casa Del Mar. Some top values include Hotel La Isla and the Hotel Castillo.

What to do in Huatulco, Mexico

There’s a fantastic music festival each year called Festival Musica Por La Tierra (sort of like an Earth Day concert) designed to raise environmental awareness. You can check out the jungles, go scuba diving, or just poke around in the many beautiful bays and lagoons. You can explore coffee plantations or go on lots of fun eco adventures.

Dreamtime Verdict: Huatulco

Weddings in Huatulco are a blast. There are many unique and interesting places to shoot couples portraits and trash the dress sessions, and the area is relatively unknown and pristine. For ecotourists, people planning a green destination wedding, or folks who really want to spend time in quiet and untouched nature, this little zone is a top place to have and photograph a destination wedding.



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