New Sheridan Hotel Wedding Photography

Photos at this historic Telluride property
Front of the New Sheridan Hotel

I love the cool New Sheridan Hotel building. It’s a great place for wedding photos.

I’ve really enjoyed wedding photography at the New Sheridan Hotel in the heart of downtown Telluride. The recently rennovated (circa 2008) historic building opened for business in 1895 and was popular among miners who’d hit gold. It has the oldest bar in the town and in a way was a central hub for the town’s social life.

The New Sheridan offers a number of great places to get married and have receptions for up to 135 people. It’s also centrally located in the town itself, so if you choose to get married in Telluride, you can easily have a reception here but have your guests enjoy the mountain scenery as they walk to the nearby town park or San Sophia Overlook.

Thanks to its beautiful historic looks and feel, it lends itself to beautifully to wedding photos.

See what your New Sheridan Hotel wedding photos will look like!

Bride and groom in front of New Sheridan Hotel in Telluride

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Telluride Town Park Wedding Ceremony

The beautiful Telluride Town Park is a great place for a wedding, and is in walking distance from the New Sheridan Hotel.

The Hotel has 26 rooms for brides, grooms and their wedding guests. Wedding photos from the New Sheridan will have a great vintage feel to it, since it’s so historic.

If you choose to have your reception here, you can pick from the American Room, the Chop House, and the historic bar itself. The American room can accommodate around 50 people for cocktails and 35 or so for dinner. If you have more people, you can have about 2-3 times as many people in the Chop House restaurant.

The Historic Bar, which has its original bartop from 1895, is often used in conjunction with the other rooms for larger weddings.

It’s also really cool that the hotel has a rooftop bar called Ray’s, as well as its own coffee house!


New Sheridan Hotel wedding

At the top of the stairs, there are two rooms where brides and grooms can get ready.

Groom getting ready at New Sheridan

I love this shot of a groom getting ready at the New Sheridan Hotel. Lots of windows means soft, nice light for wedding images.

I really like the vintage look, white walls, and clean, spacious rooms.

You really can’t beat the view either, both over downtown’s main street, over the huge waterfalls at the end of Telluride’s box canyon, and over the mountain that the Telluride gondola ascends.

Aside from the great views and pretty rooms, the hotel has a super accommodating staff.

Last, it is literally a two block walk from pretty much everywhere in downtown Telluride — including the gondola that can whisk your family, friends and wedding party up town’s steep mountains.

Bride and bridesmaids get ready at New Sheridan Hotel for wedding
New Sheridan hotel wedding details

The rooms inside the New Sheridan are airy and light, and you can make some cool detail photos like this wedding dress.


There is so much to love about the New Sheridan, and I highly recommend it for a wedding in the center of the town of Telluride. The hotel has been around since the mining days — it opened only a few years after Telluride was founded — and is one of only a few in the entire state that are that old.

Over the years, it’s managed to retain much of its old charm, including old chandeliers and light fixtures from the late 1800s.

I also love hat the New Sheridan is a central part of the community of Telluride, and regularly donates to many many town groups, charities and festivals.

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