Green Wedding Photography

Dreamtime Images is committed to environmentally friendly, green weddings, and to that end, the photography studio is working to become a carbon-neutral company. Here is what we do to try to make the world a cleaner place:

  • Travel is a necessary part of photographing weddings. If we didn’t travel, we wouldn’t be in business, but we do try to be as carbon neutral as possible. We offset all travel through
  • All miles driven are done in a Prius, one of the cleanest cars on the road
  • The studio is powered by wind energy, purchased through our local utility company
  • All batteries are rechargeable. We use 4 flashes, each with 4 AA batteries, and 3 external battery packs, each with 8 AA batteries, per wedding. That means we’re draining 40 or more AA batteries per wedding. If the studio shoots 25 weddings a year, we’d be eating up 1,000 AA batteries a year. Our rechargeable batteries last about 4 years, so our 40 batteries save roughly 4,000 batteries from ending up in landfills.
  • Our web host, A2 Hosting, has progressive environmental policies, and all the servers are carbon neutral.

Careful planning can help reduce the amount of waste and the footprint of a wedding. The least hassle is to invest in carbon offsets for your wedding, so that you can donate to nonprofits that create projects that reduce the amount of greenhouse gasses emitted elsewhere. Check out to learn more.

Here are some steps you can take to make your wedding more environmentally friendly:

  • Hire a caterer who sources locally grown, organic foods
  • Have your wedding photographer shoot in digital, so they aren’t using chemicals that could pollute our waterways during the film development process.
  • Make sure your venue is run on solar or wind power, or that it buys its electricity from a utility company that invests heavily in renewables.
  • Source locally grown flowers, or even have your bouquets made from Colorado’s native wildflowers
  • Ask that your wedding gifts be donations to environmental organizations you support.

The list goes on and on. Dreamtime Images pledges to offset all carbon emissions caused by our travels to our weddings. Whether your big day is in 5 miles away in Estes Park, 250 miles away in Aspen, or thousands of miles in Aruba, the Bahamas or the Caribbean, we are here to help your wedding be as green and environmentally friendly as possible.

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