USB Memory Drives for Wedding Photographers

Deliver your images in style!

Are you wondering how to deliver high res images to clients? Well, here’s the process I’ve gone through over the first decade of my business.

When I first started, I delivered my clients’ high res images on DVDs, which I packaged into a nice leather bound box. At first I printed onto white labels and put the labels on the DVDs, and then, ofter time, a new technology emerged that let me laser etch directly onto the label side of the DVD for a cool custom cover that was basically gold and black.

However, the entire process took a lot of time, it was costly to ship, and DVDs are frankly pretty old school — my clients just didn’t have DVD drives in their computers any longer. I needed a better way!

For the last few years I’ve been delivering images to clients on custom made USB drives. They look AWESOME!

I just upgraded from 4 gig drives (which was fine with the files that came out of older cameras like the 5d Mark I) to 8 gig drives. I love them, and clients love them even more. I use wooden drives since they jive with the outdoorsy vibe in my images, but other studios might opt for some sort of urban or more modern metal drive.

Currently I’m using laser etched pine drives from a great company called USB Memory Direct. Their drives are really gorgeous and they etched my logo on one side and my web site and email address on the other side. They offer a variety of wooden drives, though I chose pine because that’s what holds the laser etching the best.

The drives are super affordable, and though they may be more expensive then DVDs, I made up the price difference in packaging and postage costs, so the entire delivery cost winds up less. Depending on options, you can expect to pay around $8 to $12 for the USB drive, and about $3.50 for the box. Both are custom products with your own studio logos on them.

If you’re interested, get in touch with the folks at USB Memory Direct by clicking here.

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