Oaxaca wedding photographer

The beautiful colonial architecture and laid-back, organic feel of Oaxaca, Mexico, make it a fantastic place to say your vows and get married. If you are looking for a wedding photographer in Oaxaca, browse these pages and poke through our portfolio. We hope these resources are useful!

Oaxaca is a large city surrounded by beautiful smaller villas and the Sierra Madre del Sur mountains. It has colonial architecture and an incredible feel of old time Mexico, so there are a ton of fantastic opportunities to create gorgeous photos. If you are seeking a wedding away from the throngs of tourists, Oaxaca may be a good choice.

The wedding requirements in Oaxaca are as follows: you will need to get all the legal documents out of the way about a month in advance. You’ll need to get married in a civil ceremony by a judge (which we can photograph), but you can have your religious ceremony later on. You’ll need a birth certificate, passport, 4 witnesses, and some blood testing (which can be done in Mexico). You’ll also need a waiting period of a couple days. Typically it takes 3 working days to get married in Mexico.

The weather in Oaxaca is pleasant year round for both photography and weddings, though there is a very mild rainy season in the summer months.

Oaxaca wedding venues

There are many cool places to get married in Oaxaca, not just in the city itself, but in the smaller villages in the surrounding countryside. Here are some favorites: Casa Bichu Hotel Boutique in Puerto Angel, the Zoa Hotel in Mazunte, the Dreams Hoatulco Resort and Spa, Villas Fasol, and the Quinta Real Huatulco. In the beach town of Puerto Escondito, check out the Suetes La Hacienda. Back in Oaxaca itself, some of the best wedding venues are Real de Antequera, Posada Arrecife, Hotel La Casona De Tita, Camino Real Oaxaca, Casa Bonita, De La Parra and the Casa Oaxaca. Other fantastic venues include Casa de Siete Balcones and Hotel Casa el Sotano. Also consider getting married at Villa Motzart and Macando.

You might consider Puerto Escondito, as the rates are significantly less expensive than other beach resort type areas in Mexico. The surfing here is epic, too.

What to do on Oaxaca

In Oaxa, you and your wedding guests can visit Arbol del Tule (a 1400 year old tree!) Mitla, a cool Zapotec city and the absolutely fascinating ruins of Yagul and Monte Alban.

Dreamtime Verdict: Oaxaca

Oaxaca is a super cool place to plan your wedding. It has a pleasant, relaxed colonial feel and is a far cry from the crazy beach atmosphere of Cancun and Cozumel. Oaxaca weddings are best for couples who want to get off the beaten path and are looking for some interesting cultural, historical and archeological things to do during their destination weddings. If you want interesting and varied photos of your big day, check this place out.

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