Acapulco wedding photographer

Sun, beaches, a beautiful ocean, and a well established tourist industry make Acapulco a top destination in Mexico for weddings. In fact, Acapulco is Mexico’s largest beach resort city. Acapulco is not off the beaten path at all, which has its advantages. It’s easy to get to, there’s a thriving nightlife, and there is a good infastructure for destination celebrations. If you’re looking for a beautiful beach destination with lots of amenities, Acapulco could be it — though you might want to avoid the rainy season in June to October.

Like the rest of Mexico, here are the marriage requirements to get married in Acapulco: first, you’ll need 4 witnesses, passports, blood tests and birth certificates. Paperwork takes about 3 days, and you’ll need to be in the country for those days. Many couples just get married at home, and then have their spiritual/religious ceremony in Acapulco. However, if you do want your legal ceremony done in Mexico, it will need to be done at a judge’s office — and that can still be a fun opportunity for unique wedding photography.

If you’re planning an Acapulco event, you may want to organize some cool activities for your guests. You could go visit the Isla de la Roqueta, visit Puerto Marquez, or watch the cliff divers of La Quebrada. They’ve been doing this for nearly 80 years! Also, Acapulco has a fun water park, some surfing, good discos, and some gorgeous golf courses. But what’s often considered the town’s selling point is its thriving nightlife — and it’s been thriving for decades.

If you’re in need of a wedding photographer in Acapulco, give us a shout, poke around our portfolio, and get in touch for pricing information.

Best places to get married on Acapulco, Mexico

The best wedding venues in Acapulco include the Banyan Tree Cabo Marques, Acapulco Days Inn, Hotel Encanto, Las Brisas Acapulco (people love it here!), Quinta Real Acapulco, Villa Vera Hotel Spa, Fiesta Inn, Mayan Palace, Grand Mayan Acapulco, Ritz Acapulco, Park Royal Acapulco, Boca Chica otel, The Fairmont Acapulco Princess, Calinda Beach, Club Bananas, Oviedo and Maralisa Beach Club.

Dreamtime Verdict: Acapulco

Acapulco is a wedding photographer’s dream — and it’s also the dream of many brides. We highly recommend Acapulco to couples who are looking for a destination with a beautiful resort feel, lots of amenities, a super fun party and night scene, some beautiful hotels, and that’s easy to get to. If you’re having a big event, you absolutely can’t go wrong planning it in Acapulco. Its venues are beautiful and they have the capacity to manage big parties.

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