Beaver Creek Wedding Deck Photos

Beautiful Mountain Wedding Ceremonies at 10,000 feet
Wedding couple in field next to Beaver Creek Wedding Deck.

There’s a gorgeous meadow for bride and groom portraits just behind the deck.

If you’re getting married in Colorado’s central mountains, the Beaver Creek Wedding Deck is a top pick for me beause it allows for beautiful wedding photos on the top of a gorgeous mountain. It was built relatively recently and is a great new addition to Beaver Creek wedding ceremony sites. The deck sports a crazy amazing view with the incredible Gore Range in the background, it is extremely easy for guests to access, and the guests arrive in a gondola. What could be more fun?

Getting married at the Wedding Deck is a perfect complement to a wedding reception at any of Beaver Creek’s great reception venues, like the Park Hyatt or Saddleridge. Many couples will get ready at the bottom of the mountain, walk or take a shuttle across town to the base of the gondola, and then take a scenic 15 minute ride to the top of the mountain. The ride up is a great way for brides to have a quiet moment to share with their best friends before getting married.

See what your Beaver Creek Wedding Deck photos will look like!

Bride and Groom on chair lift pole near Beaver Creek Wedding Deck

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Bridesmaids at the Beaver Creek Wedding Deck

Maybe it’s the altitude, but there is something about the light up at the Beaver Creek Wedding Deck that makes colors really pop.

When you get to the top of the gondola, you’ll be pretty far up the mountainside at more an 10,200 feet, and you can do a final preparation in the Spruce Saddle Lodge. Some couples will do their entire wedding in the mountainside, combining a wedding deck ceremony with a Spruce Saddle wedding reception.

Weather does blow through the region periodically during the summer, and afternoon thunderstorms are pretty normal. However, they almost never hamper outdoor mountain weddings here because they tend to only last for 20 minutes or so. So if you choose to get married on the Beaver Creek Eedding Deck, photos will look gorgeous regardless of whether or not there’s a little rain forecasted during your wedding day. The planning staff are great at enacting small delays when appropriate, and your guests probably won’t even notice if things are a few minutes late.

Bride and Groom outside Della Terra Mountain Chateau at night
Stonework at the Beaver Creek Wedding Deck

The deck has really gorgeous stonework that blends naturally into the alpine environment.

The wedding deck is on a hillside just east of Spruce Saddle, and guests will walk down a winding path to an amphitheater made of huge beautiful stone. It can hold approximately 200 people and backs diet.y up to the slopes. The view across the river valley below is unobstructed, and the towering Gore Range tends to be coved or partly covered with snow all year round.

Photographing wedding recessionals at the beaver creek wedding deck is a treat because the deck is multiple levels and the bride and groom walk up stairs as they exit the site. This enables photographers to capture beautiful wide angle shots that include lots of mountains in the background.

Image of bride and groom from in forest near Beaver Creek Wedding Deck
Bride and groom on Beaver Creek Wedding Deck chair lift

I love these tight shots of wedding couples on chair lifts.

There are a few things that make the Braver Creek Wedding Deck photos really stand out to me. First is the fact that there’s a lot of interesting nature adjacent to the deck. Some of colorados wedding decks don’t allow for much off roading’ and the ones that do don’t have much variety in the off roading – they provide access to beautiful meadows and fields, but there aren’t many wedding decks in the state that have e pic views interspersed with pine forests and aspen groves, all within a 2 minute walk. I love this because it allows me to create a huge variey of wdding pictures.

Another thing I really like about the Beaver Creek Wedding Deck is the fact that there are very few onlookers there. Once you get to the top of the gondola, you will probably see a few tourists, especially near the lodge, but when you drop down off the east side of the mountain into the wedding deck itself, you will find yourself surrounded by nobody but your wedding gusts. Despite the deck holding several hundred people, the physical location of the deck keeps things pretty private.

Wedding couple on chair lift in Beaver Creek

A few more points is out the Beaver Creek Wedding Deck from a photographers perspective. As the bride and groom entire the ceremony, they take a long walk along a winding path, this enables photographers to shoot the entrance and the groom’s reaction to the bride without needing two photographers. There is lots of time to shoot back and forth.

Also, the deck is surrounded by open space, which means photographers can easily get from side to side and shoot vows and reactions, as well as guests. Some wedding ceremony sites an get so packed that photographers can get trapped and only have access to the back and the aisle, which makes it hard to shoot a variety of angles.

If you are worried about grandparents and older guests getting to the deck, the mountainside staff will take are of them with a number of golf carts, making the entire experience seamless and easy.

I give the Beaver Creek Wedding Deck five stars! It’s one of the most picturesque and beautiful outdoor ceremony sites in Colorado. It makes my job of making beautiful photos a lot easier!

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