Rebecca & Grant


We truly cannot say enough about how satisfied we were and how incredible you are at what you do. Grant and I would like to sincerely thank you for shooting our wedding. We could not have been more ecstatic with how the pictures turned out. We are still receiving comments (sometimes even from people we have never met) on how stunning our wedding pictures were.

We knew we made a great find when we met you. However, it was not until we went through the experience with you and received the album did we realize just how lucky we were. When we open the album, we feel like we are going through the experience all over again. You did a wonderful job of capturing all the unique and special moments in creative ways. Your incredible talent and passion truly show in your work.

We also greatly appreciated your professionalism and how easy you were to work with during the process. We loved how you fit right in with the wedding party and how people were so comfortable around you. The combination of your professionalism, character and pure talent are priceless and we have been telling all of our soon-to-be married friends about you. We look forward to seeing you in the future!

Many Thanks,
Rebecca and Grant

Molly & Luke

Dear Nathan,

It is difficult to find words to express our gratitude. From the moment I saw your portfolio I had absolutely no doubt that you were the perfect person to capture our wedding day. It was truly a pleasure to have you and Rannveig by our sides that day, as your presence is far more than that of skilled and talented photographers. You are also an inspiration as your love for one another is evident and your passion for your work is incredible. Our wedding day was the most beautiful, memorable day of my life thus far, and I found myself wishing it would never come to an end. Thanks to you, that day lives on in the most amazing photographs I have ever seen. You captured the nuance of our wedding day and the result is a breathtaking, photographic account of the essence of our experience. Our photographs are an exquisite gift and we thank you for your time, talent, and passion for your art.

Molly and Luke

Jen & Carlos


Wow - I'm nearly speechless! Looking through all the beautiful photos of our wedding week makes me feel as though I'm back on the island reliving that amazing time with all of our family and friends. I'm just thrilled with them. Thank you so much.

When I first discovered you, I poured through your online portfolios and thought to myself, "I wonder if my wedding story will be told in photographs the way these weddings have been." I had no idea if we'd be able to hire someone like you, and having seen your work I knew I could settle for no less. And then we emailed, we talked, and we were able to make it happen - and our wedding story in pictures was not just as I always imagined it could be - it was better. You captured the spirit of the celebration, the reuniting with friends & family, and the memorial of my late mom so perfectly well that I can't say it in words. I'm so grateful to have these wonderful images.

I'm sure you've been told countless times how incredible your work is, and it is. But I really wanted to say thank you for joining us for that week - yours is a unique talent, and we were privileged to have you share it with us at such a special time. And besides all that - you're a really cool and fun guy to be around! It's more than we could ask for, and any price would not have been too much for what you gave us.

Thanks so much

Emily & Brian

Dear Nathan,

I wanted to tell you how thankful I am for the incredible photographs you took of our wedding in the Bahamas. You are an absolute artist. I decided during my wedding planning process that an investment in the best photography available was my top priority. I knew that I needed the best to capture our special moments for a lifetime. I found you and I will be forever grateful for your expertise.

I fell in love with your creativity and photojournalist style. During the event you were able to somehow blend into the crowd as to not seem invasive, all the while climbing into rafters and crouching down into dancing feet in order to capture the most wonderfully real moments.

The photoshoot we had together the day after the wedding was one of my favorite days. Your brilliant idea of jumping into the ocean in my dress made for gorgeous and unique photos that are always big conversation starters when people see them hanging on our wall. (By the way, the dress and tux were both cleaned and restored into perfect shape.)

In addition to our beautiful leatherbound album, we have our wedding photos as a scrolling screen saver on our home computer. Each time they begin to scroll I am brought back to that beautiful weekend in paradise (Paradise Island as a matter of fact) and find myself mesmerized with the raw emotion.

I couldn't have asked for a more laid back, fun, daring, poised professional in the business. I have and will continue to recommend you to everyone looking for a photographer. Not to mention, I'm addicted to your blog because I love to follow your incredible creativity in the art of photography. You are always pushing the boundaries to capture that perfect picture.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me everything I wanted and more. Best of luck and keep in touch!

Sincerely, Emily & Brian

Jaime & Benji


We finally sat down to decide on the pictures for our wedding album. Man, that was hard! Every time we look, we find new favorites. Every time we look, we remember the moments you captured. Every time we look, we are amazed by the beautiful photographs, the gorgeous images you seem to capture so effortlessly.

One of the pictures we chose for the album was the picture Benji took when he grabbed your camera and snapped an adorable picture of you and your wife dancing and laughing at the end of the night. How could we have an album where you were only behind the camera? You and Rannveig were such an important part of our experience. We loved getting to know you, spending time with you, enjoying seeing our friends and family enjoy you as well. That shows in the pictures. Everyone was so relaxed and comfortable around you and as a result, you had true access to the people we love. You are so much fun, so interesting, and so kind. We just loved getting to know you.

Back to your photographs though… Your talent is obvious to everyone who sees your work. Your creativity blends with incredible instincts and timing, creating moments as well as documenting them. Even in the most difficult lighting or the most awkward position, your skills and flexibility lead to perfect composition. You took beautiful pictures under water, on the beach at dusk, and at a party that was supposed to be inside (with light) but just seemed to want to stay outside on the beach. Not every photographer can spontaneously handle every situation so beautifully. We feel so lucky to have found you and we will forever enjoy the pictures you took over the few days we spent together in Mexico. Working with you was a complete pleasure and we hope to keep in touch with you over the years.

Jaime and Benji

Meg and Nathan


I always depend on you, as a planner I don't have to give your role in a wedding a second thought, you are a consummate professional. You are where you should be, you understand the flow of the event, know where to find the reaction on people's faces, always place your subjects in the most outstanding locations and light. The finished product is sublime.

As the mother-of-the-bride this last February I was thrilled that you agreed to shoot Meg's wedding. You perfectly captured the fun and adventurous spirit of the group, used the bold colors in their apparel and mirrored them in the mountains and sunsets in the background. We were all worried about looking great, stressed about standing around in freezing temperatures and snow, but you took only moments, and I can't believe how delightful the group photos are. Our faces are alive, engaged and happy and we look at once natural and beautiful. I'm moved to tears by these images and I can't adequately tell you how grateful I am. Thank you.


Malisa & Todd

Dear Nathan,

When I started looking for a wedding photographer for our wedding, I had a couple of friends that were talented photographers, and figured I would trade them travel expenses for wedding photos. But Todd had a different take on the subject. He had a history in photography and wanted good pictures. After a long search we found you and instantly fell in love with your journalistic and scenic style.

We loved having you at our wedding. You fit into our small group and maintained contact with most of our wedding party. Everyone was surprised to learn that you actually weren't one of Todd's old college friends! We were amazed at your work ethic -- we had you up at dawn scouting locations and up until midnight partying. You are responsible and easy to work with. You are flexible and daring. You're a great person to have on the team.

Our wedding was fantastic. It was small, intimate, and in a stunning location. Yet, I am convinced that my wedding photos portray everything far better than my own memories. They exude emotion and breathtaking beauty. My wedding pictures went viral. My friends sent them to their friends. My co-workers sent them to people who didn't know me. Wedding coordinators I did not know posted them on their own websites. And best of all, I still love to look at my wedding photos.

I am now a convert. The pictures were the best investment we made at the wedding. As a wedding coordinator, I encourage brides to hire an amazing photographer. After all, it is really the only tangible purchase of the entire day.

I'm not always the best with words, but I don't think you can overexagerate how much I loved the photos and loved working with you.

Malisa & Todd

Kristin & Yishai

Dear Nathan,

I cannot express to you what a joy it was to have you photograph our wedding. I have followed your work and have always loved your style and ability to tell a story. You are an articulate man who knows how to present an idea, and that translates into your art with a camera. Truth be told, having you as our photographer at the wedding was the ultimate highlight for me - and looking forward to it got me through nights stressing about silly things as brides will do.

People talk about how your wedding day is a blur and that can be so true - looking back at the hundreds of poignant, resonant, and beautiful images, I still cannot believe how well you captured people's emotions and character, our spontaneous moments, and set up artful couple shots - especially working with two very non-traditional people.

I was especially impressed with your professionalism - the information you asked for ahead of time was thorough and not something I expected, though it made a lot of sense. Your terms were fair and clear. You got along well with all of our guests, handled my boisterous mother with aplomb, and blended well into the crowd so that no one was conscious of being filmed (in fact, that boisterous mother of mine kept whining you hadn't taken any photos of her - but to her surprise when we got the finished product back - she had more than her share). Your years of doing this have left you knowing what to look for for a great story, and you still have a sparkle about doing it that translates through these gorgeous shots.

I didn't want to be a princess on my wedding day; I wanted to be me. You did a great job of showing that. Thank you for images that made the day that much more beautiful. You're creative, professional, and a great person to be around.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Kristin & Yishai

Aimee & Brian


Wedding photographer “shopping” can be frustrating. Aimee and I are adventurous people and knew that we needed our special day to be captured with an energy as unique and creative as we are. On a whim, I conducted an internet search for the “Best Wedding Photographer in the World.” That was how I came upon you. We were hooked!

There are certain moments in our lives when we pour our heart and soul into each detail. When nothing can afford to be missed or overlooked. I can think of no possible better example of this type of moment than when you announce your best friend in life to the world on your wedding day.

I love the life in your photos and the vision that your are able to put to a camera lens. The images do far more than capture statues in posed shots. They capture us living. Isn’t that what it’s all about? Real moments captured perfectly.

We chose to do business with you and were excited to have the greatest photos this side of the galaxy. We also made a friend. Thank you.

Nathan, keep in touch and never hesitate to get in touch with us. Never. We love you guys.

For Love, for life,
Brian and Aimee

Carrie & Scott

Dear Nathan,

We first of all would like to thank you for the wonderful pictures that you took of our special day. Planning a wedding from New York City was a challenge in lots of ways but we were very relieved to have found you as soon as we did and we are so glad we made the decision that we did.

On the day of the wedding Scott and I were so grateful to have such a talented photographer, and as an added bonus such a cool guy hanging out with us, taking our pictures. Your professionalism and creativity were amazing and greatly appreciated.

The day that we received the pictures of the wedding I instantly cried due to being overjoyed at your ability to catch every moment and emotion that I felt on that day. There are a few events in one's life where so much emotion goes into planning and making sure everything goes right and that all the details are taken care of. From feeling extremely nervous to extremely happy and excited all in the same day, you were able to catch every one of these emotions.

Scott and I can not thank you enough for taking such amazing pictures of our special day. You truly have a talent and creative ability to capture memories in peoples lives and we thank you over and over for letting us share in your gift.

Thank you again for being so amazing! We look forward to recommending you to all of our friends and family who have important events coming up that will need a photographer.

Carrie and Scott Greenberg

Brittany & Andrew

Hi Nathan,

While planning our wedding I knew that one of the most important thing to me was the photography. I knew that the one thing that would stay with us forever were the photos, and I wanted to remember every minute of the occasion. The only catch was that I was planning the wedding from over a thousand miles away and had no room in my budget for a planner.

I meticulously researched photographers in the area and narrowed my choices, and that's when I first met you. You were so understanding of the difficulty I was having in deciding on a photographer without being able to meet in person and discuss the finer points of what I wanted. After we chatted on Skype a couple of times, I was 100% sure I wanted you and I couldn't be happier that we chose you. You were professional, easy to work with, and went completely beyond our expectations. You're great at lightening the mood and making everyone less self conscious while being photographed, and you're not afraid to try interesting and unique shots.

You delivered everything I asked for in the photos - they were tasteful, artistic, and each one captured the mood of the evening so perfectly. You're gifted at stunning candid shots that tell a story, and I can't tell you how many times we've looked through our wedding album and remembered, so fondly, the most perfect of days. I can't thank you enough for your amazing work.

Sincerely, Brittany and Andrew