Bay Islands Wedding Photographer, Honduras

If you’re getting married in the Bay Islands, let’s talk! We would love to shoot your wedding in┬áHonduras, whether it’s on Roatan, Guanaja, the Hog Islands, or Utila. Roatan’s the big one, Utila’s the small one, Guanaja’s the one in the middle, and together they form some of the least expensive yet most pristine diving on the planet. Your experience in Honduras’ Bay Islands will likely revolve around your love of the ocean, your love of nature, and your desire for a unique, adventurous, and off the beaten path location.

Roatan wedding photographers

In Roatan, wedding photographers get to take advantage of the beautiful natural scenery — the sky, the ocean, the jungle, mangrove forests, and, if you’re planning a trash the dress session, the second largest of the world’s barrier reefs. The island used to be totally off the beaten path, but it began to get built up with a good tourism infrastructure in the mid-2000s. The island is divided into a number of villages, including West Bay, West End, Sandy Bay, French Harbor and Camp Bay. Getting there isn’t too hard, since there are direct flights onto the island or into some of the major airports in Honduras with connecting flights onward. For a wedding photographer, Roatan is an absolute dream because there’s so much for your guests see and do and for us to take pictures of. Check out the beaches of the East End, shoot in the mangrove forest, visit an iguana farm — your guests will be totally entertained.

Some of the best places to get married in Roatan are Barefoot Caye, Utopia Dive Village, the Reef House Resort, Paya Bay Resort, and the Infinity Bay Spa and Beach Resort. You might also consider a wedding at the Palmetto Bay Plantation, Island Pearl or the Mayan Princess.

Utila wedding photographers

The best parts about a Utila wedding for photographers are the ease of access and the interesting things to see, do and photograph on the island. There are a lot of direct flights from major US cities, the diving is some of the best in the Caribbean, it’s super cheap, there’s great kayaking, great stand up paddle boarding, and even a crashed airplane in the jungle and some freshwater caves. For adventure travelers who want a great vacation with friends and family and who want to be super active, Utila is one of the best places out there to get married. There’s also a pretty good party atmosphere, along with Roatan. The best places to get married on Utila include the Laguna Beach Resort and the Coral View Beach Resort.

Dreamtime Verdict: Bay Islands, Honduras

Dreamtime’s Bay Islands wedding photographers give Utila, Roatan, Guanaja and the Hog Islands a 5 star rating for couples looking for fantastic diving, a great adventure, and an off-the-beaten path feel with some of the prettiest and most serene nature in the region. Lots of fun activities for your wedding guests and beautiful scenery make the Bay Islands Honduras a wedding photographers dream come true.

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