St. Kitts wedding photographer

St. Kitts is small and quaint, so it is not too touristy and is a great place for a destination wedding. You will be able to enjoy the true Caribbean (hibiscus, rum punch, white sand beaches) without much of a crowd. If you are looking for an experienced wedding photographer for your big day in St. Kitts, please visit our portfolio and have a look around.

St. Kitts is a popular destination for wedding photography in the Caribbean, and for good reason. Like Nevis and Guadeloupe, St Kitts is reminiscent of the tropical paradises you might imagine when you think about Fiji and the other islands in the South Pacific. There’s a huge dormant volano in the middle of the island (Mounta Liamuiga), which is surrounded by clouds and fringed by a a thick jungle. The jungle gives way to endless white sand beaches lined with palm trees. It’s about as close as you can get to Fiji without flying half way around the world. A St. Kitts wedding is a magical experience.

Here are some basic requirements if you are having a St. Kitts wedding. First, you’ll need to be in the country for two working days before your ceremony, and you’ll need a passport and your birth certificate. St. Kits wedding requirements are strict in that sense: you cannot substitute any other documents for your passport and birth certificate. There are additional rules if you are divorced or widowed. License fees are about $200, and you have to get married between 6AM and 6PM for a religious ceremony (and 8AM to 6PM for a civil union).

St. Kitts wedding venues

Magazines have awarded the following hotels top honors as the best places to get married in St. Kitts: First, there’s the St. Kitts Marriot Resort and Royal Beach Casino. At 636 rooms, it’s more than large enough to handle your entire wedding – the facilities can handle events up to about 200 guests. Think a beachfront ceremony with tiki torches and an aisle lined with conch shells! For smaller weddings, consider the Timothy Beach Resort or Ottley’s Plantation Inn. Ottley’s isn’t on the ocean but offers a true panorama that few hotels in the Caribbean can beat. Ottley’s can handle up to 200 guests.

Other popular venues are Bird Rock Beach Hotel, Ocean Terrace Inn, Rawlins Plantation Inn, Frigate Bay Beach or Romney Manor, or the Brimstone Hill Fortress.

There are also a lot of wedding planners on St. Kitts, including Dreamy Weddings, Kantours, TDC Flamboyant Tours, and the planners at the St Kitts Marriott Resort and Royal Beach Casino. Any of them can help you organize your big day. The bigger hotels can handle bigger weddings (and St Kitts Marriott Resort fits that category).

What to do on St. Kitts

There’s a ton of fun stuff you can do with your guests and friends when you have a desitnation wedding on St. Kitts. First off, take a kiteboarding lesson! There are also some great hikes to be had on Mountain Liamuiga or the Wingfield-Phillips Rain Forest Nature Trail. Recently, the St Kitts Scenic Railway opened, which is a 3:30 train ride through the island. I think kids will love this. You should check out Black Rocks (a cool lava flow) and don’t forget to go scuba diving on Coconut Tree Reef. Oh yeah, the Brimstone Hill Fortress is a definite must see (and a great place to shoot some couples portraits or do a trash the dress wedding photography on St. Kitts. Brimstone Hill is an old military fortress on an 800 foot hill with a sweeping panorama of the island and the surrounding ocean, and it’s actually a World Heritage site.

Dreamtime Verdict: St. Kitts

We give St. Kitts a solid A when it comes to cool places to get married in the Caribbean. The gorgeous landscape, relatively small size, beautiful beaches, great diving, and luxury accomodations on St. Kitts means it’s a huge winner. St. Kitts should be a great place for couples looking for off-the-beaten-path luxury.

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