St. Barts wedding photographer

Saint Barths, AKA St. Barts, is a French island, and French culture has permeated just about everything, including the food, shopping and hotel industry. It’s a slice of Colonial France in the middle of the azure Caribbean. It’s ritzy and glamorous, and has a lot of super high end hotels. Having a handmade album of photos from your St Barts wedding wouldn’t be a bad thing at all!

We offer award-winning wedding photojournalism on Saint Barts. Our unique style is the product of shooting countless weddings throughout the United States and Caribbean. If you’re getting married on Saint Barts, please contact us to see how we can fit our services into your big day.

Wedding requirements in St. Barts are a little onerous, so you might consider getting married in your home town and then having a private ceremony on the island. To apply for a wedding license on the island, you or your spouse-to-be must have been living on the island for at least a month. This can be difficult. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get married on St. Barts — it’s actually fantastic island for a wedding.

Getting to St Barts isn’t too hard — you’ll just have to fly in from St. Maarten. There are a lot of small commuter flights on WinAir and St. Barth Commuter. You can get direct flights to St. Marten or connect via Antigua. You can also fly direct from Puerto Rico (via Tradewind Aviation) or Guadeloupe (via Air Antilles or Air Caraibes). If you’re planning a St Barts wedding, it’s nice to know that it’s not too hard to get your guests down to your venue.

Wedding venues on St. Barts

We recommend Hotel Taiwana, O’Kai Beach Residence, Filao Beach Hotel, Hotel Le Toiny, Christopher Hotel and the Hotel Les Ondines Sur La Plage. Other popular wedding venues in Saint Barthelemy are Hotel St Barth Isle de France, Eden Rock Hotel, Hotel Guanahani, Hotel Carl Gustaf, and La Paillote.

What to do on St. Barts

If you get married on St Barts, you can just hang out and take in the scenery. What’s super nice about the island is that you’re not allowed to build a house taller than a palm tree – which means that there are no big hotels. Just lots of nice views. The hotels that are there are luxurious, however, and known worldwide as among the fanciest in the Caribbean. Super cool trash the dress sessions should definitely be at the top of the St. Barts to-do list. There are so many gorgeous beaches and fantastic backdrops for beautiful wedding imagery.

Dreamtime Verdict: St. Barts

Saint Barts, also known as Saint Barthelemy, has a timeless appeal that speaks to couples seeking a taste of luxury, some fantastic food, fun shopping, and a secluded environment. Unlike Jamaica, Puerto Rico or the Bahamas, Saint Barts has a small-town atmosphere with a cosmopolitan feel. There isn’t a loud dancing or casino scene. It’s just beautiful beaches, tasty gourmet food, and luxurious hotels. And you’ll feel super cool when you greet people there by saying, bon jour! St. Barts is wedding photographers paradise.

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