Saba wedding photographer

Saba wedding photographer Dreamime Images offers photojournalistic coverage for your big day on the island known as The Unspoiled Queen. Saba weddings are ideal for adventurous people looking for seclusion and tranquility. We are huge proponents of getting married on the little 5 square mile island. It’s a great place for destination wedding photos since it’s got a big mountain, secluded beaches, and friendly people.

Saba wedding requirements are simple, but require some advanced planning. Email for details. You will need to fill out some forms before you travel there.

The island has a reputation for having some of the best scuba diving on earth, if you or your guests are interested in outdoor adventures. If you’re getting married in Saba, a wedding photographer who’s also a diver will allow you to get pictures of any scuba excursions! It’s pretty easy to get to, since there are about 5 flights a day on WinAir. You typically get there from St. Maarten, via a short 15-minute plane flight. There are also boat trips between Saba and St. Maarten.

Best Saba wedding venues

Our team recommends the Queen’s Gardens Resort, the Cottage Club, the Shearwater Resort, Scout’s Place Hotel, Juliana’s Hotel, and the Gate House. Prices on Saba range from $75 a night on up to more than $300, making it farily affordable.

What to do on Saba

If you’re planning a wedding on Saba, you should definitely go scuba diving. You can get certified on Saba, or certified before you go. Ironically, the tiny little island offers the highest vantage point in the entire kingdom of the Netherlands, so you might take a hike up Mount Scenery to see what you can see. There are also a lot of hiking trails and caving experiences to be had. You could also just sit on a beach and pluck mangos off of Saba’s many mango trees.

Dreamtime Verdict: Saba

Saba is the ideal place for ecotourists, adventurers, and people who revel is solitude. You can walk across the island the blink of an eye. There’s only one road (it’s called The Road). Less than 1500 people live on Saba, and only 25,000 visitors come there a year. It’s off the beaten path, but its only source of income is tourists – so it makes a great place for a wedding. Saba is wedding photographer heaven! It’s an ideal place to shoot a wedding. It’s quiet, friendly, accessible, and offers a big range of scenery in an area that’s very close together.

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