Bonaire wedding photography

Bonaire is one of the most southern places you can get married in the Caribbean, and it’s pretty low key. There are no high rises or mega resorts, just super cool little hotels scattered around. Wedding photography in Bonaire is definitely unique. The island is interesting in that the luxury hotel industry is not very built up, but the diving and adventure tourism is. That means that there aren’t as many super nice hotels as there are on other islands. Bonaire more than makes up for it in fun factor and sporty appeal. If you want to lounge on a beach and kick back with a book and a margarita, Bonaire is not the top choice. If you want to rent a jeep and cruise through a national park looking at flamingos, or dive the best reefs in the Caribbean, Bonaire is your place. Divers getting married can’t beat this place.

The island is breathtakingly gorgeous, which I love as a photographer, and the geography and landscape is very different than many of the other islands in the Caribbean. First of all, it’s relatively low and dry. One side of the island is windswept and inhospitable, but the endless landscape with huge waves crashing into the limestone cliffs surrounding Bonaire serves as a great backdrop for portrait photographs or bridal pictures. It’s dramatic. The old lighthouse there is gorgeous, too. In the north, there is a huge national park with lots of wildlife and vegetation, but most of the island trees and plants don’t grow too tall. Then there’s the leeward side of the island, which is where Bonaire’s vacation rentals and hotels are. There are not many huge beaches, like Aruba or the Virgin Islands, but there are some secluded places to sunbathe if you drive around and explore.

Wedding sites on Bonaire

The highest regarded hotels in Bonaire include the Coral Paradise Resort, Bamboo Bali Bonaire, Harbor Village Beach Club, Bellafonte Chateau de la Mer, Buddy Dive, Sonrisa Kralendijk, Divi Flamingo, Captain Don’s Habitat, the Plaza Resort, Sorobon Beach Resort, Port Bonaire Resort, and the Lion’s Dive and Beach Resort. If you’re planning a Bonaire wedding, you’ll need a photo copy of your passport, a birth certificate that’s been notarized, and declarations that you’re both single.

What to do on Bonaire

Bonaire is called Diver’s Paradise. The scuba opportunities here are among the best in the world. If you get married in Bonaire, you should definitely go diving! Also, the wind surfing and kite surfing is top notch, and Lac Bay is world famous for being an incredible place to learn how to wind surf. It is an enormous protected bay on the island’s windward side, which means it’s always windy, yet a reef blocks all the waves – so it’s got crystal clear, smooth water. Lac Bay is also only 5 to 6 feet deep, so if you fall off your board you can just hop back on.

Dreamtime Verdict: Bonaire

Bonaire is tons of fun, especially for the adventurous travelers who want to do it themselves. It’s definitely possible to have a fantastic wedding in Bonaire for far less than many of the other islands in the Caribbean, but you’ll have to plan and do lots of it yourself. The upscale tourism and hotel industry does not really exist here; instead, the island relies on its few industries, which are scuba diving and salt, more or less. The scuba industry is what sets the island apart. Nevertheless, I have a special affinity toward Bonaire because I love the adventurous aspect of being there. I love being able to go wherever I want, whenever I want to. If you are looking for a Bonaire wedding package, give us a call or hit the contact link above. We do free Skype consultations at any time.

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