Anguilla wedding photography

Anguilla wedding photographer Dreamtime Images is available to take pictures of your dream destination wedding in the Caribbean. Anguilla has 33 of what many consider the best beaches in the entire world and an abundance of 5 star luxury hotels.

The tiny island of Anguilla is a self-governing dependency of the United Kingdom. If you are planning to get married there, check with your home state or country to determine the laws of getting married abroad. One nice thing about the island is that at the time of this writing (June 2009), you only have to be present for three days before the wedding, and the processing time for the papers is 48 hours. That makes getting married here extremely convenient.

The country consists of the main island, along with a number of smaller cayes. It lies between Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, making its landscape relatively tropical — unlike other islands like Bonaire or Aruba, which are fairly dry.

Weather, like most of the Caribbean, is seasonal, but trade winds keep the islands from getting too hot. The hottest months in Anguilla are mid-summer, so a good time to get married is April or May before the heat arrives.

The smaller surrounding cayes include Anguillita, Dog Island, Prickly Pear Cays, Sandy Island, Scrub Island, Scilly Cay, Seal Island, and Sombrero, also known as Hat Island. You can charter boats to take sunset cruises for your rehearsal dinners, or can even head out to an outer island for a fun day with your family and friends who have traveled to your wedding.

Best places to get married on Anguilla

If you are looking for places to get married in Anguilla, here are some of the nicest hotels in the country: Malliouhana Hotel and Spa; Viceroy Anguilla; Cap Juluca, and the CuisinArt Resort and Spa. Also consider the Frangipani Beach Resort, which is very highly regarded.

Dreamtime Verdict: Anguilla

We highly recommend Anguilla if you are looking for somewhere unique that is seldom visited. Unlike the more popular islands in the Bahamas or Virgin Islands, the islands of Anguilla see comparatively less tourists. As a result, the entire country has a very different feel. It’s a laid back, charming, yet very luxurious place for wedding photography.

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